Pyrex in Wonderland

Welcome to Pyrex in Wonderland. A blog devoted to the art of collecting, cooking in, reselling, values, bargain hunting, and caring for Corning Glass Works Pyrex.

My collection as of the end of August

I’ve been collecting only a short while but have learned quickly a few things.

First is that if you go to an antique store looking for Pyrex- you’re going to pay too much.

Second is that you can find amazing pieces at Salvation Army and other thrift stores (here in Massachusetts we have SAVERS) that may just need a little extra love to be in great condition again.

Third, and most importantly, look for more than just the pretty patterns.

I started out my collection with a gift from my ex-boyfriends mother. A large Cinderella bowl in the Spring Blossom pattern (pictured below this paragraph). We came home one evening from a date and she thrust it into my hands, chirping about how she had found it at an antique store and just had to bring it home for me. At that point, I had seen patterns like this before but had no real concept of what it was. My first thought was “oh man, I can make amazing baked pasta in that!”

Spring Blossom

When I got together with my now husband over a year ago, he took me to a massive flea market two towns over in Brimfield, MA. Anyone who has ever heard of or been to it knows-this one is for the pros. I started to find more Pyrex and started to get the itch to collect. Of course, at this huge flea market everything was expensive and in varying conditions. I made a few purchases I thought I couldn’t live without for more than I would dream of paying now for any. Since then, I’ve been scouting thrift stores and have found some of my most favorite pieces for much cheaper. That’s not to say I didn’t score some amazing deals at Brimfield…but that is for another entry.

I recently purchased “Pyrex: The unauthorized collector’s guide,” by Barbara E. Mauzy to aid in my research and expand my knowledge. It has been a great help but this blog is also a way for me to reach out to other collectors with more information than I have at this time. We’re all friends…right?

I will also be writing about the things I cook/bake in my Pyrex. That’s right; my collection isn’t just for sitting pretty on the shelves. I cook in them almost daily and if I don’t I can be assured that my husband took one of my nesting bowls to use for cereal (despite the fact we have plastic bowls for that).

As for me…I’m a twenty-two year old stay at home mom and wife living in central Mass. I grew up mostly in Rhode Island but was born in Oklahoma…perhaps that has to do with my extreme love home cooking and classic bake wear. Due to not having internet at home-it’s something we chose to live without because it is a bill we don’t need and the same goes for cable-I will be only updating twice a week. Most likely those days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. Despite the the fact that I am starting this on a Wednesday.

My name is Sarah…but since this is Wonderland…you can call me Alice.



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8 responses to “Pyrex in Wonderland

  1. congats, Butterfly – or should I say Alice?
    Looks great!
    – Mom

  2. Sara

    Very well written I am looking forward to reading more.Keep up the good work

  3. Amy

    Nice Start! Have Fun!!

  4. linda Leslie

    Beautiful colors, Alice!!! I have some in my cabinet that was a wedding gift in 1962. I never use them so I’ll make sure you get them one of these days.

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