Breakfast, Friends, and Pyrex

Seasoned potatoes in a Butterfly Gold nesting bowl

A lot of my friends in college ask me, “What is the best thing about living on your own?” After a few moments of thinking and discussing my husband and I agree that it has to be hosting breakfasts for visiting family and friends. Joe has almost perfected making French toast and has more than mastered making home fries so whenever someone comes to town we invite them over. Last month while my brother in law, his girlfriend, my sister in law and nephew were staying with us (up from Oklahoma) a thought occurred to Joe that neither of us had ever thought of before: using one of our Pyrex dishes to keep the already finished French toast warm. For this breakfast we used a promotional 1.5 Qt. Cinderella dish we found at a thrift store for 7 dollars. A big score for us because it had its lid as well and if you don’t know this already-lids can be harder to come by than some patterns and pieces.

Since my 9 inch pie pan still has one slice of apple pie left in it, Joe mixed up his French toast concoction in the 10 inch pan. He graciously put a dishtowel below it so as to not ruin my favorite tablecloth.

French Toast mixture in 10 inch pie pan

The stove-ready for cookin!

Once the home fries were finished we loaded them into a Design bowl. The Design bowl was introduced in the 1970s and is only known to be found in two sizes: 1.5 Qt. and 3 Qt. which I have pictured here. I purchased it at the Brimfield flea market earlier this year for 10 dollars. A decent deal considering I have seen it on Ebay since for upwards of fifteen dollars. Though I promise, we did not have 3 quarts worth of home fries even though I’m sure my husband’s potato loving friend Joe (two Joes in one house at the same time!) would have gladly eaten them all. The butter dish shown is in the Spring Blossom pattern and we purchased it from a woman who had a closed antique store. We had found her on Craigslist and she came down with a whole bunch of Pyrex goodies which she sold us for 16 dollars.

Ready. Set. Eat!

After a little less than an hour of cooking, one rather large fire in a pan, a smoky kitchen and a few couples of freshly brewed tea we had a wonderful breakfast. I got to know two of Joe’s friends of Virginia-Joe and Laura-and spent some good time with old friends Jesse and Hannah.

So where as being a good breakfast host is my current favorite part of being a “grown up” I believe the only thing that will top my love of hosting breakfasts will be this year’s Thanksgiving. It will be “A Very Pyrex Thanksgiving” at our house. First time making a turkey, first time making my mom’s might-as-well-be-famous chocolate pie, first time making sweet potato casserole, first time…well you’ll have to stay tuned for that trip down the rabbit hole.



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3 responses to “Breakfast, Friends, and Pyrex

  1. linda Leslie

    Good story, I like it!!!

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