Alice’s Teapot

What would Wonderland be without a tea party? No fun at all, that is what it would be.

Here in my Wonderland we drink more tea than the Mad Hatter and March Hare…don’t believe me? Take a look at one of our cabinets..


Now you may ask, how best to brew this tea for our lovely little party? With Pyrex of course!


Pyrex Teapot

I found this little cutie at the Charlton Flea Market in Charlton, MA last weekend. My husband, son and I spent about an hour walking around the Flea looking for Pyrex or Moxie (Moxie is his thing. It Is an old soda company) and as we were walking to the car a clear dish caught Joe’s eye. Upon further inspection-and by that I mean flipping it over-he said, “oh, its Glassbake. Never mind..” and he walked off. But I stopped to examine what I thought was a creamer. Joe asked if I wanted to see how much it was and before I could even say I wasn’t sure, the elderly man who’s table it was on said “one dollar.” I whipped out my little clutch and started looking for quarters. I could only find  75 cents and told the man I could run to my car and find another one. Joe asked if he’d take the 75 and he said sure. The whole ride home I was thinking “I can’t wait to look this up in the book.” But when we got to the apartment it wasn’t in there. There were NO creamers in the book! So what did I find?

A single teapot brewer! Introduced in the mid 1930s, this little teapot was meant for single brew use and of course, to just be plain adorable. The Pyrex book by Barbara Mauzy says that its value is anywhere from 25-40 dollars depending on condition. My newest pot is  in stellar condition. There is little to no fading on the pattern and no chips or cracks in the glass. Aside from buying a large lot a few weeks ago for 16 dollars, this is possibly my best find to date. And no, I don’t intend to sell it any time soon.


And now…I believe it is time for a tea party.

Joe took this and was so proud of it I had to put it up



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8 responses to “Alice’s Teapot

  1. Sara

    lol I cant imagine having a single cup coffee maker but I guess for tea it is ok.I remember my mother having that on the stove. Ahh the memories pyrex brings back.

  2. That is sooo cute, Butterfly! Nice post!
    And, good picture, Joe!

  3. Lora

    Wow, great story & amazing find! I love how you include some education on pyrex as well as your fun perspective! Keep up the writing & hunting. 🙂

  4. G G Aunt Sue

    Sarah and Joey, How great tht you both love the Treasure hunt!!
    I have spent many enjoyable hours in flea markets amd yard sales with a dayghter-in law who was a collector

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