The Westward Expansion of Pyrex

A surprise inside...

A few new additions to my collection to talk about today. It was an adventure getting to them…A very worth while adventure. There are 11 new pieces total and we only paid 14 dollars for everything.
After we had seemingly “tapped out” our local listings on Craigslist we took a chance and looked on the Western Mass section. Gold mine! One poster had a 60 piece collection he was asking 100 for. A good deal, for sure, even though he had some Glassbake and Fireking mixed in with it, but there is no way we could (or would) drop 100 dollars for pieces. Then we found Eileen. She had posted 8 Spring Blossom cups and a matching butter dish. She wanted 8 dollars for all 8 cups and we asked if she would be willing to sell us the butter dish as well for 10. She very sweetly agreed. A little after noon we ended up heading to Blechertown (get your giggles out, out-of-towners) to meet this lady for some Pyrex.

The sky was dark as we started our drive and before too long it was pouring. Rain always makes for a better story, doesn’t it? The roads twisted, turned and people slammed their breaks a few times but almost as soon as we hit the town Ware the rain had stopped. All of our normal radio stations had gone out so we started looking for a new one…we found one. It wasn’t really a station though. It seemed to be just a crazy series of sampled clips from horrible shows, old movies, crappy stand up and one man from Texas calling to complain about Jim Bean sausage. Then we passed a Gas n’ Go that seemed to sell more plants than gas. And not just pretty flowering plants but vegetables too! Joe just simply said, “Only in Western Mass,” and shook his head. Finally we found the street Eileen lived on and were keeping our eyes peeled for an antique mailbox with a long drive way. We found it along with some sheep!

The house was breath taking. An old farm house hidden in trees and a beautifully kept lawn. We parked, grabbed the baby and were greeted by Eileen, who told us she and her husband had lived in the house for over 50 years. We went inside and she offered us two other pieces-a Butterfly Gold gravy dish and a Amish Butterprint Cinderella dish for two dollars each. I hesitated, but Joe jumped in with “I’ve got the extra four.” So they ALL came home with us. We met Eileen’s husband, who told us that he hoped our little boy turned out better looking than his parents.

Once we got home and got all the dishes cleaned up Joe, my now official blog photographer, set them up for their grand debut.

The Newest Additions

Eileen has an ebay page and can be found under the name of Ablash88. She has wonderful feedback ratings and I can tell you that after meeting her, I would gladly do business with her again.

Since we already have the Butterfly Gold gravy dish and the Spring Blossom butter dish we are going to take them to our favorite Antique lady and see what she’ll give us for them.

Two blogs in a row…man, you guys are either getting spoiled or sick of me. Tonight we have a possible low of 39 degrees and I may attempt to make some homemade hot chocolate.

Be prepared for more!



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7 responses to “The Westward Expansion of Pyrex

  1. Great story…and look at all the new pretties!

  2. Sara

    Treasure hunting can be fun, great job!

  3. linda Leslie

    Just arrived home from AR and am caatching up on your blots. Love the stories and pictures. Love you……

  4. linda Leslie

    Leaving a second comment…. scroll back to the last photo and look at the white piece with aqua on it. It is small and a bit shallow. I have two pieces like that and one that is the reverse…. white on aqua. They were wedding shower gifts in 1962. I have lids for all of them but they have chips. If you want them, I’ll get them to you. I’m sure they are full of dust from not being used. The reverse one is deeper than the others. Actually, they are 3 different sizes. Let me know if you want them.

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