Three Piece Pyrex

What an exciting week it has been here. My son and I spent some time with my mother in Rhode Island, had an adventure to Blechertown, hung out with my husband’s cousin and his lovely girlfriend, and came home to find-oh! Right! That is the first part of this post! What I came home to find sitting on my porch.

Over a month ago Joe and I found a posting on Craigslist for a Snowflake butterdish. The person only wanted 8 dollars for it and they lived in Exeter Rhode Island (I dated a guy from there in high school) so I thought I might be able to swing a trip up that way next time I went to visit my parents. That didn’t happen…by the time that next visit rolled around we were playing host to Joe’s brother, his girlfriend, sister, and nephew so there wasn’t much time to make an out-of-the-way stop. Titus, the man who I had been emailing about the dish understood, especially after I informed him about the car accident that took place that same weekend. He promised he and his wife would hold it for us until we were able pay for the adding shipping. After our money order to him cleared he sent it nicely packed up in a postal service flat rate box and sent it this way. Now….I’ll admit this, because I want to be as honest as possible with my readers-this was NOT a good deal. We ended up paying 16 dollars after shipping for this little butter dish and even though we knew it wasn’t a great deal we felt that since Titus and his wife had been so kind to us we couldn’t back out on them. You get what you give in life, right? On the plus side…I have a beautiful butter dish for Christmas!

Snowflake Blue Butter dish

But, this post doesn’t end there. We went to Westboro today to pick up 4 Christmas Village pieces that Joe has been dying for (anyone who knows my husband is probably a little confused). The woman was selling them for 3 dollars each-a steal if you’ve gone into a Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby and looked at how much these things cost at full retail! Driving back home we passed a yardsale and Joe said, “Did you see anything?” to which I answered, “There was defiantly a Cinderella bowl. But I don’t know what pattern.” So he turned the car around, we stopped and oh what splendid things we found!


Autumn Harvest and Measuring cup

The Cinderella bowl I had seen from the road is in the Autumn Harvest pattern. A pattern that was introduced in 1982 and is one that in a full set I have seen go for upwards of 50 dollars. It comes in two shades of red and orange and was made in: nesting bowl set, Cinderella mixing bowl set, Cinderella bake, serve and store set, Cinderella round bake set, and a set of three refrigerator dishes. Thank you to the Pyrex Files for that bit of information!
I had Joe take a picture with the woman’s price tag still on it because…well, we paid a whole dollar for it! Sure it has a couple little dings in it but nothing that can’t be overlooked. Our second find was this measuring cup.
Sure, everyone and their sister has a Pyrex measuring cup in their kitchen but this one is different. Note the dip in the handle at the top and the white lettering instead of red. Red text wasn’t introduced on the measuring cups until 1941. Pyrex introduced the measuring cup in 1925 with a dual spout cup though this was removed in a remodel for 1926. The only basis we have for how old this cup is that it came out sometime between 1926 and 1941. Big time gap, huh?
To wrap up this three-part post I’m ending with some homework for everyone. Want to hunt treasure but not sure where to look in your area? While in Rhode Island my mom came across a magazine simply called Flea Market. It has treasure hunting hot-spots as well as quirky ideas on projects for your treasure once you get it home.

Check it out!

So…It has been a crazy, amazing and very eventful week. I’m looking forward to a little relaxation today. Although…Joe says he wants to go to the Charlton flea market in a bit. There was a 4 dollar Pyrex hurricane lamp there. And if it’s still there…well…it’ll end up in my bedroom for sure!



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4 responses to “Three Piece Pyrex

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having quite the week! I love the little snowflake butter dish, even if you did pay too much!

  2. Where can I get that magazine!? For I wants it ^_^

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