Charlton Pyrex

We here in Wonderland are all about our good deals-but even good deals have their limit. Joe and I sat down to have a budget meeting the other afternoon and I said, “I think we should just let the Pyrex come to us. Hunting is great, but we need to let it find us.” He agreed.
But, as we do most Sundays, we went out to the Charlton flea market to poke around. The Pyrex hurricane lamp was gone and we were both pretty disappointed. So while walking through the indoor store we came across a woman with tons of Pyrex and mostly in Butterfly Gold. Now, I love Butterfly Gold, its one of my favorites but the more patterns I discover the more I drift away from wanting just that one pattern. The woman, whose name we didn’t get had three spaces and when I ducked into her smallest I found these….

Terra, Balloon, Friendship

Obviously, they came home with us. Why? After spending nearly 10 minutes talking to our son she said she would do everything-yes, everything, for 15 dollars. How on earth could anyone pass that up?
The three larger bowls are in the Terra pattern. Terra was originally issued in 1964 in bowls, plates, casseroles, and mugs without handles. When we saw Terra for the first time in Barbara Mauzy’s book Joe said, “Oh man, that is a cool pattern.” Even though I was less than interested in it. Apparently, when it was introduced it wasn’t very popular but has since gained a following. We have here two of the 300 bowl set and one small Cinderella dish. Bowls and mugs will get about 10-12 dollars each.
The blue piece is simply called “Balloon.” It was sold as a chip and dip set (as in…chips in the big bowl and dip in the smaller) but the woman in Charlton only had the larger bowl. They were first sold in 1958 and come in various patterns. We’ll have to be on the look out for the dip bowl!
And lastly, and probably the coolest, is the small Cinderella bowl in the Friendship pattern. Friendship is probably my second favorite Pyrex pattern because it is just so much fun to look at. What makes this little dish even more special is that it has its lid. Any good collector knows that lids are where it’s at. Friendship was put out in the 1970s and is often confused with Country Festival despite that the Country Festival pattern is white and blue where as Friendship is orange and red.
On our way home we stopped at a yard sale. The couple hosting it were very sweet and were in the middle of throwing things into a dumpster when we pulled up. The wife asked what we were looking for and we said, of course, Pyrex. She took off to go look through the house while Joe and I talked to her husband. He apparently use to weld for fun and my husband went to school for welding-so they had that to chat about. When the homeowner’s wife came back she had four things in her hands. A large Pampered Chef dish and a small unmarked bowl then two FireKing casserole dishes. We asked how much she was wanting and she said, “Please, just take them. We’re moving in the spring so they’re yours.” We traded phone numbers and she has promised to call when they do another sale before winter which will predominantly consist of Christmas things.
And since I have now collected a few pieces that are not Pyrex…I will be working on a post about non-Pyrex designs.
Stay tuned!



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7 responses to “Charlton Pyrex

  1. I adore balloon ! Such a cute one ,love the kind of blue .
    America has great yard sales, it is lame that we do not have that kind of stuff here ):

  2. linda Leslie

    Great post today!!! Your mom and I used to go every Saturday. Sometimes you and the others came along. We came to know which part of town to shop for certain items. Maybe that’s where you got your love for this kind of shopping. Thanks for sharing your adventure!!

  3. Ahh, so now I know therest of the story about the older couple and the pile of stuff! Nice post, Kiddo – I’m glad you married someone who unerstands the joy of treeasure hunting!

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