Cookies and Gravy…

Ever wander around a shop thinking, “Man…there is nothing here.” You look in all the usual places you would find something you were there for and nothing. Just a few pieces you’ve passed on dozens of times because, well, you don’t care for them (yes, there is actually Pyrex I don’t buy). Then, when you least expect it and in a place you least expect it: a gravy dish. I walked over to it and thought, “hmm…looks like the right kind of glass,” but wasn’t sure because it was a pattern I hadn’t seen before. Almost as soon as I touched it I knew. Flip it over and there it is! That lovely logo that sends thrifty finding chills down my spine. I called Joe over to show him and he took it out of my hand and said “we’re getting it.” He’s an enabler. The tag said 5.99 but when we finally got to the register the girl rang it up and it came to-wait for it….3 dollars and 13 cents. The tag wasn’t a half off color (most thrift stores do half off certain color tags throughout the week) but we weren’t going to question it. Maybe they had forgotten to change the sign for tag colors that day since we were there pretty early and they aren’t always known for being on their game. After a little bit of poking around I learned that the pattern is called “Old Country Blue,” even though some places classify it as an “unknown” or promotional pattern. It’s not a pattern I’ve seen other places…so the research is on going.

Old Country Blue gravy dish

As we drove home, pretty much high off the gravy dish, Joe asked if I wanted to go to the Salvation Army in town before we went home. I wasn’t too sure I did because I had a headache and didn’t want to spend more money. But we ended up there anyway. And a good thing we did because we found this amazing storage jar with an Autumn Harvest design on top. An awesome addition to the Autumn Harvest Cinderella bowl we found a few days ago. The “See n’ Store” jars were introduced in 1968 and ran in patterns and designs until 1986 and in 1981 the Autumn Harvest design was put on the lids. The containers can be found in the following sizes: 1 pint, 1 qt, 1 1/2 qt and a 2 1/2 qt.

Autumn Harvest see n' store jar

See the logo?

I will more than likely use this as a cookie jar. Anyone know any good fall type cookies? No pumpkin stuff…the husband won’t eat anything with pumpkin in it.



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2 responses to “Cookies and Gravy…

  1. So we’ll call them spice cookies instead… 😉
    Gingersnaps are a good fall cookie…

  2. linda Leslie

    I love your accounting of your travels and “finds” I had to stop reading to answer the phone and hurried back to finish!!! My “signature” cookie is a sugar cookie, which I think is good all year round. Nana’s is a frosted brownie cooked in a 9 x 13 pan. If you want recipes, I’ll print them off and mail to you. Keep up the good work!!!

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