Wayside Antiques

Today we’re going to chat about one of our most beloved Antique stores. We drove by it dozens of times before finally stopping in one day. Now…when Joe and I walk into most antique stores we tend to feel slightly out-of-place and tend to gauge how well we will fair at a place based on the reception we get when we go inside. Some places the women running the shop take one look at us and pretend we aren’t there but the best places (and really, this is the best at any kind of store) ask us what exactly we are looking for. This happened the first time we went to Wayside Antique’s in West Boylston, Ma. We had only strolled through the first few booths before being greeted by a sweet older lady. Like most people we meet the first thing they say is, “Oh my goodness what a sweet baby boy!” followed eventually by “oh, and what are you looking for?” We told her Pyrex and Moxie things and she instantly went puttering through the store to find some. There was one Moxie bottle for Joe, but they wanted more than he was willing to pay for a bottle we already have 5 of. What she did have though was tons of Pyrex at varying prices. Some of them more than we would ever be willing to pay and some that were easily in our price range. Being a shop with different dealers setting their own prices is usually the best way to go. You’ll always find things you can’t afford and things you can!
Our new friend had recently gotten in a blue bowl that she didn’t know the name of so I pulled up the Pyrex Files on my phone and told her it was the Rainbow Strip bowl in blue and also what it was going for on ebay at the time. In turn, she gave me the best tip on cleaning up Pyrex I’ve ever gotten. Scott-bright. It’s slightly abrasive but will take off any mark or baked on food. Some people will tell you to use Oven cleaner but really, this seems to work fine. Just remember: NEVER put your Pyrex in a dishwasher! That is how patterns fade and smear.
The first day we were there we bought two Butterfly Gold pieces and had told the older woman (whose name I cannot remember) what other patterns we were looking for. We went back to Wayside on Tuesday of this week to see if our friend was there but sadly she was not so we did some poking around. The first thing Joe found was a Pyrex Baster from 1946 for 2 dollars. According to websites and Barbra Mauzy they can retail for upwards of 20-24 dollars. Next we found a Spring Blossom gravy server without matching saucer but they wanted only 4 dollar followed by a Spring Blossom pitcher for 3 dollars. The gravy dish I’m only mildly excited about but the baster and the pitcher have got me really stoked.

Gravy dish, baster, and pitcher

What will be better next spring and summer then having some lemonade out of this adorable little pitcher?
Also…Joe is putting together a list of the shops and flea markets that we frequent and I’ll be posting it as soon as it is finished!



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5 responses to “Wayside Antiques

  1. Great idea, the list of shops!
    That glass turkey baster is really nice – most of those didn’t survive, for obvious reasons.

  2. linda Leslie

    It is such fun to read about your adventures. I try to “picture” in my head what it might look like, and the people, too. I remember the day we had such fun at the Eagle’s Nest and the story that you told. Hugs to everyone, and a kiss for sweet Niko.

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