North Shore Pyrex

Last Friday Joe and I took a trip to the North Shore to pick up our friend Juanita from college. Joe had been wanting to go out to Rockport for months now since he learned that the last independent bottling company was out there and they were still bottling his beloved Moxie. We also took the chance to stop in Danvers to see another friend, Feleica, from high school who had recently moved to the state. After a while of chatting at the mall, Feleica went off to work and I told Joe about the SAVERS across the road from us. So, of course, we went.

It had been almost two years since I had gone to that SAVERS and had forgotten how packed it gets. Tons of people-mostly college students from the various schools in the area-grabbing things and eying the other people in the store and what they were eying. I will say I saw a woman pick up a decorative plate from the 70s, put it down and have another woman swoop in almost as soon as it was back on the shelf. We knew that anything we found would get scooped up and trotted off if we set it back down.

The first thing I spotted was this Spring Blossom refrigerator dish (without lid, sadly).  I passed up once on at Friendship one and kick myself for it a little bit. This one needs a lot of cleaning but is a great addition to the ever growing collection of Spring Blossom on my shelf.

Second was the this pink/tan Cinderella dish. I don’t know much about the pattern nor have I seen it anywhere else in person. The Pyrex Files has it listed as an Unknown pattern and PyrexLove has it listed as “Silhouette” but since I do not know if it has an official name or not, I’m not going to give it one.

Spring Blossom and Unknown Diasy pattern

Both pieces cost us a grand total of 7 dollars.


We’ve deiced that we are cutting back on our treasure hunting for a few weeks. Its bill time of the month and of course, that comes first. But, I am thinking of making some banana bread so stay tuned for that!



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4 responses to “North Shore Pyrex

  1. I love that unknown thing…but you know how I am about daisies!

    Spring Blossom isn’t a favorite, though….

  2. linda Leslie

    Sounds like you had a fun trip!!! All of us slow down on spending when it is close to bill time!!! I’d love to smell that banana bread!!!

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