Butterfly Gold

Years ago, my stepfather started calling me butterfly. If memory serves, it had something to do with my constant flitting in and out of the house. I was a teenager  …wasn’t I suppose to be doing that? I’ve also always had a love for Butterflies, too, being that no one is exactly alike and that they do so much living in such a short time.
I was naturally drawn to the Butterfly Gold pattern when I first started to be interested in Pyrex. It’s warm colors and simple but elegant design drew me in and the subtle incorporation of the butterfly kept me in love with it. So I started to build up…

My Butterfly Gold collection

The Butterfly Gold pattern was introduced in in the late 60s and early 70s. It can be found in three variations: a light gold with white design, a darker gold with white design, and white with a gold design. It is one of the easiest patterns to find and, for the most part, one of the “cheapest” I’ve found. The fact that it is so easy to find makes it less rare and thusly less expensive. According to the Pyrex Files, here is the list of dishes you can find with the Butterfly Gold pattern on.
Mixing Bowl Set
Nesting Bowl Set
Cinderella Mixing Bowl Set
Cinderella Bake, Serve & Store Set
Cinderella Round Bake Set
Refrigerator Dish Set
4 Qt Round Casserole
1.5 Qt Deep Baking Dish (Loaf Pan)
8″ Square Baking Dish (Brownie Pan)
Oblong Open Baker (Open Roaster)
1.5 Qt Cinderella Oval Casserole
2.5 Qt Cinderella Oval Casserole
1.5 Qt Divided Cinderella Oval Casserole

A lot to find, huh? I’ve never seen a loaf pan, but would love to find one. Two things they don’t list on the website are the Gravy dish and saucer, mugs and the Butter dish.
What I have from this set is as follows:
Two gravy dishes (one saucer),  a butter dish, medium mixing bowl, set of 8 mugs, two cinderella bowls, three refrigerator dishes with lids, and a 2.5 QT Cinderella casserole dish with decorative lid.
Corelle also put out a place setting with large plates and small cups to match the Butterfly Gold pattern (as well as a few other patterns, too). Note: This is NOT Pyrex, only a Pyrex pattern on Corelle dishes. It is easy to get tripped up on these if you’re at a busy flea market and from a far see your favorite pattern only to be disappointed when you get closer. The easiest way to tell if its a “fake” before even touching it is to look at the glass. If the glass is thin and not as sturdy looking-its not Pyrex.


Butterfly Gold cups. Not Pyrex.

The deeper we get into fall and the closer to winter we come the more I seem to be using this pattern. Its a good one for the cooling weather, I believe. A warm yet autumn-esque color that just screams “make maple cookies in me!” or “how bout some banana bread?” or even a new pie filling…Who would have guessed that my love for Butterflies, a nickname and Pyrex would all come together in such a perfect way?



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3 responses to “Butterfly Gold

  1. Nice one, Butterfly! I like the darker pieces best!

  2. linda Leslie

    I never knew how you got the nickname “butterfly”. I agree with you and your mom, I like the darker pieces best.

    The Monarch butterflies are migrating through southwest Oklahoma this week. I have seen several in the yard. Lots of folks have posted photos on facebook.

    Keep up the good work!!!

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