Jackpot part II

As you can probably tell from the title yesterday was another big day. I hope you have a somewhat decent internet connection because we have lots and lots of pictures today.
Lets start with our first stop: Salvation Army in Fitchburg. We usually strike out at this store despite how big it is so hopes weren’t high when we walked in the door. Pretty quickly, Joe saw a set of cup and saucer. Picked it up, flipped it over: Corelle. I said something like, “bummer,” but then he asked me to touch the cup. I did, and to my surprise the glass was much thicker and…Pyrex feeling. Because the cup was taped to the dish we couldn’t see if it was what we hoped. Until Joe said, “Take Niko…I’m gonna check the cup.” So he not so carefully pulled the cup from below the tape and BAM: Pyrex.

Pyrex cups with Corelle saucers

At .99 cents a piece we got four. I haven’t been able to find an official name for this pattern though it seems close to Brittany Blue. If you know what the real name is please drop a line and let me know!
Our next find were five brightly colored saucer dishes. Pyrex dinnerware was introduced sometime after World War II and came with a 10″ plate, 9″ bowl, 6.5″ bowl, and cup and saucer. Pieces like serving pieces, creamers, and sugar bowls also exsist but are harder to come by than the dishes themselves. We paid .49 cents for each plate.


Lastly, we found a 1.5 quart Cinderella dish. Another one I cannot find an official name for but the PyrexLove website has it called “Shenadoah.” Joe found it and absolutely loves it. As do I, because it is such a simple and sweet pattern.  And lastly, we found a Pyrex stove top cookware. A simple glass dish with a funny “flame” logo above the word Pyrex.

Cinderella dish with Flameware

As I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t know of any Goodwill stores near me. Thanks to my husband’s Grandmother we learned there is one in Palmer which also jarred Joe’s memory as to one in Worcester. We scurried there after all of our work in Fitchburg was finished. There we found an interesting coffee pot-not Pyrex-and another Pyrex server with candle warmer! Two in a row?! I couldn’t believe it. I still kind of can’t…But the coffee pot got my attention. It looks a lot like something Pyrex would have put out, doesn’t it? But it was produced by a company called Cory Glassworks which began sometime in the 1930s. This little coffee maker had everything inside-even instructions! And since it wasn’t priced we figured we would at least ask what they wanted for it. Lucky for us, it was a total of 2.99! Some of you may think…”why didn’t she just hold out for a Pyrex one?” well…I need coffee. And instant coffee is much more expensive than grounds. The server, however, was 4.99. A little pricey, but it has all of its parts and still tips beautifully. As with the one we bought the other day I am having a lot of trouble finding dates for the server sets. Barbara Mauzy’s book doesn’t mention them and when searching it online I end up with a lot of other types of servers. But, I will keep on looking until I find it and will, of course, share the information with all of you when I finally find it.

Percolator and Server

Our last stop was a fairly new SAVERS in Worcester. There we found three neat pieces. All of them clear glass Pyrex. The first was a roaster, which my first thought upon seeing was, “green bean casserole.” Joe was excited because he could make his fake chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy in it so it pretty much had to come home…Roasters like this were first produced in the early 1950s and discontiuded in the mid 1960s. Not sure why, this thing is lovely!


Next was a measuring cup. We already have an old, old one but this one is different. It still has the slope at the top of the handle from anywhere from 1926 to 1942. But the odd part is the text on the cup-it is in bubble letters. A font that seems out of the 60s but with an older handle. A very weird find, to be sure.


Measuring cup

Remember when I said you may be wondering why I didn’t hold out for a Pyrex coffee pot? Well, because after never seeing one “in the wild” I bought the Cory Glassworks one…only to go to SAVERS and find a 6 cup coffee percolator waiting for me. Now, it doesn’t have the actual percolator parts inside…but its just in such beautiful conditon. Plus, without the pieces inside it gives me something else to hunt with passion. A 1940’s slogan for the percolator was “Perk it in PYREX!” Which leads me to believe that Pyrex began to produce their own coffee pots around that time. Before that, only pieces of Pyrex glass were used in Flameware pots. This was, as I learned, the gateway to saucepans produced later. Which I would love to find…


As a total, we spent about 25 dollars yesterday. A splurg, to be sure, but we’ve got all of our bills paid for the month. Another little splurg today-we are taking our little man pumpkin picking! Maybe he’ll paint the next great Pyrex pattern on his pumpkin…but, we’ll have to wait and see!


The Lot



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7 responses to “Jackpot part II

  1. linda Leslie

    I enjoyed this one, too, Sarah. I was waiting for “the rest of the story” when the first was yesterday. Nana has a Pyrex pie pan, clear like yours. I wish I knew how many pies had been put in that pan!!!

  2. aw i loved reading this post. i can’t believe what a successful day you had! i have only recently begun to love pyrex and now i always look for it 🙂 thanks for this fun share!

    • Its an addicting thing to collect! Stay tuned for more awesome finds…my husband is just as into it as I am and drags me outto the house to go look even on days I want to relax at home. thanks for the read!

  3. grams

    awsome “hunting” with fantastic trophies! there is no way i’ll ever be a collector of pyrex but I will keep my eyes peeled for you when i’m out and about..did I mention that I love your blog?

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