All the pumpkins in my house…

Nothing says fall like pumpkins and as soon as the weather gets chilly you see them everywhere and in everything. In coffee, doughnuts, cakes, pies, muffins and bread. Currently in my oven are hunks of roasting pumpkin that once ready, I will mash-up and turn into bread. But that is a post for another day.
Today, I want to share my sons first pumpkin picking and painting experience. But don’t worry, faithful Pyrex readers, there will be a Pyrex twist.
We headed out early Wednesday afternoon to the Breezey Garden to get our first pumpkins as a family. When we walked in the main store a woman working told us they had a Radio Flyer wagon that Niko could ride out to the pumpkin patch in. I told her that he had just woken up to which she replied, “what better place to wake up than a pumpkin patch!” I couldn’t agree more. Never having been in a wagon before, we wondering how the little man would do.


"Lets go!"

He LOVED it! He giggled and wiggled his feet the entire ride.
We set out to find his pumpkin first

"Which one?!"

And after mommy and daddy found their pumpkins we headed back to the store to pay. Joe has been planning what he wanted to do with his for months.

"Okay...this one"


Niko has a following...a goat following

Since it was pouring by the time we got home we decided that painting and carving would have to wait. So we waited…but the rainy weather hasn’t let up still today. We gave in and let him paint his pumpkin on the kitchen floor (they’re washable paints…so no stains on our rented floor)

The end product!


Nikos first pumpkin

Thankfully, Joe and I are parents who believe in messes and getting dirty. Babies and children need to be messy to be happy-you can always throw them in the bathtub after. For those interested, the floor was cleaned by the time I got back down from bathing the boy thanks to my lovely husband.
And speaking of my lovely is his Pyrex twist. Joe has been planning since…oh, probably July to carve one of my favorite Pyrex patterns on a pumpkin. He decided the wanted to do Friendship (my current most favorite) and last night we picked the lid to a 1 qt Cinderella dish.

So he set out, using the very last of our printer ink to print the picture to be sure that it came out perfect

About 45 minutes he had gotten this far

And another hour after that, he called from the kitchen, “I’m FINALLY finished!”


Finished Pumpkin

And how lovely does that look? I’m so extremely impressed with how he does things. I may be able to bake just about anything (at least once) but I’m nowhere near capable of doing things like this. God bless awesome husbands!

Looks like the pumpkin is about to come out of the oven so we’ll meet again tomorrow for the status of pumpkin bread. This is not only my first time making it but my first time using fresh pumpkin.



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7 responses to “All the pumpkins in my house…

  1. linda Leslie

    wonderful, Sarah. I really appreciate the story that went along with the pictures. Tell Joe I think his carving is awesome!!! Niko is a lucky little boy to have such good parents!!!

  2. I love it! Joe sent me a text with the finished picture and kept me in suspense on how it was done, told me your were posting it on your blog. That’s so nifty ^_^

  3. linda Leslie

    PS…. I am convinced that Niko will take on the world unafraid, wiggling his feet and giggling. He’s not afraid of anything, is he? What a great kid. You are lucky parents!! love you all, GG

  4. grams

    another great post, sara…family fun and pyrex all in one…i’mwith you on lefting kids get dirty and messy, after all, the kid cleans up and so does the mess..oh, tell joe that his great-grandfather, joseph (that’s who he was named for) was one heck of an artist and could carve a super pumpkin..keep the ogs coming
    love ya, grams
    p.s. nikko is his dad’s clone and that’s a good thing 🙂

    • Joe must have been channeling his great-grandfather the other night then. He was so worried it wouldn’t come out well. But I think it came out amazing. Niko really is a mini Joe-fearless, messy, and super lovable.

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