Mysterious Pyrex

Sunday started out like pretty much every Sunday. Joe came home from work around 7:30 and we discussed what we should do that day. Not enough money to go to the flea market (and we would possibly end up spending what we didn’t have there) and the kitchen was too messy for me to have any desire to bake anything. We resolved that it was a day to clean-starting with the multiple bags of soda cans that have been taking up space in the floor. In Mass, you get five cents per can so we end up saving all of ours and turn them in at a later date. This usually ends up being more of a mess than the few dollars we get to turn them in. I say usually because yesterday was different.
After turning bags of cans into about eight dollars and some change, Joe loaded up Craigslist and searched Pyrex. And there was this post. A gentlemen was Worcester trying to find a new place for what he called a Pyrex Coffee Pot from the 50s. Joe emailed him and offered him 15 dollars for it, as the ad stated that it had a wooden handle. We were thinking a percolator with a wooden handle a VERY rare find and when googled, an Etsy account had it listed for 230 dollars. If we could get something that rare for 15 it would be a huge score. He emailed us saying he  couldn’t find a picture of what it was online and didn’t have a digital camera to take a picture of it. But he found a picture that looked “similar” to it – which was just what looked like the two beverage servers we have recently found. Joe and I started to drive out to his house, discussing what to do if we got there and it wasn’t actually Pyrex. We would find the nicest way to say no thank you. We pulled up and were greeted by a very cheery man who welcomed Joe in (I stayed in the car because Niko was asleep). A few minutes later Joe came out with something I have never, ever seen before. It looks like a beverage server but has an outlet for a plug on the top and in the inside? there is an insert inside for coffee grinds!

For those of you in the scene, like my husband, this is what we would call “Steampunk.” Steampunk and Pyrex in one? Well, at least both of us found something we’re into!

Full View

Where did this thing come from!? Was it altered by someone? It looks to have been hand soldered…but is for sure Pyrex glass. We’ve spent nearly 24 hours now trying to find out anything we can about this piece and come up with nothing. Literally, nothing at all.

Wooden Handle

Pyrex logo

Inside Slide Piece

Wooden handle, plug with missing cord, slide in coffee grind holder…and oh! Did I mention the knob on the top!? What are you?!


Someone help. If you have any idea what this is and where it came from PLEASE let me know. The only information the guy we bought it from had was that, “It was my mothers who died recently…she was an estate sale junkie and I’ve got a lot of stuff to go through.” So who knows if she ever even used it or it was just something else she picked up at a flea market or estate sale.

This is a Pyrex S.O.S!



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4 responses to “Mysterious Pyrex

  1. linda Leslie

    Sorry, I have no idea how it works. There used to be a style of coffee pot that had an upper part for water, a middle part for coffee and a bottom part for coffee. it was called a drip-a-lator. I don’t remember one that looked like this. Let me know if you get information on it.

  2. I can not wait to see that thing in person…I’m really interested!

  3. Woah! Have you tried to find something to be able to plug it and see if it works?Its really interesting .

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