A Death in the Family…

Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t posted in a while. Well, we had a death. My beloved laptop of one whole year died in dramatic fashion literally right after my last post.
When I closed out the browser I noticed my desktop was blank. No folders, files, or photos that were once there. Everything in my programs list was gone. All of my photos of my son from day one, all my Pyrex research, my wedding photos-everything gone.
After a few days of deep mourning I realized I needed to post here and let everyone know that I have no way to write right now. I could blog from my phone but seeing as 80% of the keys do not work and we don’t have the money to replace it any time soon that was out of the question. I’m writing this from my lovely mother’s house while on a short weekend trip.
Hopefully, my little brother can fix the RAM problem “soonish,” but seeing as I left it sitting under the couch (I put it there because I couldn’t stand to look at it) when I left town.
Stay tuned and I will let all of you know the minute I resolve this problem.

R.I.P HP laptop. June 2010-October 2011


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  1. linda Leslie

    I’ll miss your blogging. I hope you are back soon. James can work miracles!!!

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