Return to Wonderland

Ooooh…now this feels right. Sitting at my laptop getting ready to share the latest tale of a Pyrex score. My wonderful, amazing, awesome, smarter-than-anyone-on-Geeksquad brother fixed my laptop after its earth shattering death. Not only is my computer running again but he managed to save every wedding, pregnancy and newborn photos I’ve taken (and did NOT have backed up anywhere…) in the last year and a half. James-you’re getting eggnog cookies first chance I get. And you don’t have to share with anyone!

But let’s get back to business as usual here in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter and I recently celebrated our first year anniversary and to say it was a good one would be an understatement. As many of you may remember  I had recently bought a Pyrex percolator but it did not have the glass “basket” piece that would hold the actual coffee grinds. Somehow, my Hatter hubby managed to find me another coffee percolator with all of the parts needed to actually make coffee.

Coffee makes a very happy Alice

The faster my son gets moving, the more coffee I seem to need in the morning-so this was a very important gift. Next he had a glass carafe with the Country Blue pattern-a pattern I’m falling deeply in love with and one that many dispute the name of. I like country blue!

Sorry the print is so hard to see...I need a clear backdrop

Lastly was probably the biggest gift and for sure the biggest surprise.

I blurred out my phone number…You can probably guess why. I love you guys-but not that much yet! Joe bought my domain name for our anniversary. A big incentive to really keep this blog going, right? He also made me these cards so that when I am chatting up an antique dealer, fellow collector, or another older couple we met on Craigslist I can hand them a card and they can check up on how their old Pyrex is doing! I tell pretty much everyone I meet about my blog though they usually get hung up on “people..collect Pyrex? Really?” These are usually the people we meet at yard sales as apposed to an antique store or flea market.

So I am happy to be back, my friends, my loves…I will promise  to keep my laptop healthy and never leave you again. Oh! And…be excited about Thanksgiving! Joe and I have spent the last few days rounding out the menu, figuring out where we’ll be put all 7 people plus baby, and of course which Pyrex dish will house which side dish. I’ve almost got all that figured out. It’ll be good though, guys, so please stick around!

You know…theres also a weekend in between so maybe we’ll hit up a flea market or two!



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5 responses to “Return to Wonderland

  1. Welcome back to blog-land, Butterfly! The computer wizard is sitting right here, so now you HAVE to make him those cookies!

  2. Linda Leslie

    It’s SO good to read your blog again. Yes, your wonderful brother deserves cookies!!! I’m looking forward to pictures of Thanksgiving dinner!!!

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