Thanksgiving is upon us and one word (and pattern) that comes to mind is Friendship. Since I started collecting Pyrex dishes I have really come to adore the Friendship pattern. It was introduced in 1971 and is one of the most brightly colored  of all Pyrex patterns. Though it is sometimes confused with the  Country Festival because both patterns use Dutch birds.

Last weekend we set out to try a new flea market. This one in Dudley, Mass instead of the Charlton one we frequent. Joe knew some about it but had never gone…and not having grown up anywhere around this area, I had no idea what to expect

Pulling up to the big building we noticed flags, cut outs of Elvis, and Coca Cola signs hanging in  windows. Three things we have utterly no interest in collecting and two things Joe hates-Elvis and Coke stuff. He has his reasons…but that is another story.

As he turned off the car, Joe said, “That guy has Friendship bowls.” I was confused, because the only people set up in the parking lot I had seen were some shady people selling knock off designer handbags. Only when I got the baby out of the car did I notice a guy set up by the door with a wide assortment of what looked like mostly junk…aside from the two beautiful bowls sitting up front.

conversation started as usual, “Hey, how are ya this morning?” and, “Aren’t you guys cold?” Joe spends most of the year in shorts, so everyone asks him if hes cold-which he hardly ever is. I asked him how much he wanted for the dishes and he asked how much I wanted to pay for them. Before I could answer Joe mentioned that I was collector and run a blog about Pyrex to which he replied, “For her? Seven dollars for both.”

Really? Really?! Clearly, this guy was not your average flea market dealer because there is no way a real dealer would sell two pieces like these for anything less than 15 (or maybe more).  We told him we had only begun our day so we’d be check back in with him before we left…he was by the door, so we kinda had to see him before we left.

The inside of the Flea was huge, organized, and the least skeevey indoor market we’d gone to yet. I don’t think I ever told you guys about the one in Worcester? Lets just say, everything in it was bootlegged and stolen seeming. Needless to say, we didn’t go more than once and didn’t stay more than 20 minutes when we did go. This one was filled with your run of the mill crazy vendors (one of which kept making animal noises to entertain my son), old toys, creepy puppets, rusting Radio Flyers, comic books, Beanie babies (a nice old lady gave my boy a free one) and a few Pyrex pieces.

Most of them in horrible condition-people please don’t put your Pyrex in the dishwasher! It breaks my heart to see it happen. Something caught Joe’s eye though…a baseter in its original tube packaging! The woman wanted five for it and to be honest, we only have six in cash. When asked, “Which do you want more?” I didn’t hesitate….

I had to go with the Friendship dishes. They’re beautiful, in great shape, and when I told the seller I only had six dollars he said six was fine.

Joe asked him, “Do you do this weekly?”

He laughed and said, “No way…and I don’t plan to again. I’m in the waste management business and I had to clean out a house that had all this stuff in it. I couldn’t just throw it away.”

I promised him they were going to a good home and would be featured in the up coming Thanksgiving dinner at our place.

Which reminds me! I have cleaning to do!



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3 responses to “Friendship

  1. Nice post, Butterfly!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Linda Leslie

    Greetings from Oklahoma!! I just got home. Nana’s computer would receive your blog but not let us send comments. This is a great post. Thank you for doing it. love, Granny

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