A Very Pyrex Thanksgiving

I can say with absolute honesty that my first Thanksgiving was rocked to the very core of awesomeness. I had nightmares for nights and spent the week leading up to it grinding my teeth in my sleep. My television was pretty much locked on to the Food Network and all of their “Thanksgiving survival shows” and I spent more time googling the perfect recipe for rolls  then ever before. And it all paid off beautifully!

I brined my turkey for 24 hours before rubbing it with butter (both on top of and under the skin) and seasoning and cooking it for 3 hours. Oooooh was it tasty!

What Wonderland Thanksgiving would be complete without mass amounts of Pyrex use? Let’s take a little tour of my Thanksgiving with Pyrex…


Here was have our small Cinderella bowl with the Amish Butterprint pattern holding m&ms. Followed by little saucers (we needed small plates but didn’t have any..so saucers it was) for putting snacks on. The center dish is not Pyrex, just a beautiful fall patterned dish from SAVERS but the dish holding the Port Wine cheese is a Pyrex custard cup. Housing our clementines is the medium size Forest Fancies 300 bowl. Lastly, we have this nifty little dish we found some weeks ago. At first I wasn’t sure if it was Pyrex because how often had we seen something like this? Never, actually. But in golden lettering near the bottom of the glass top it says “Pyrex.” We used it to cover our cut bits of cheddar cheese.

That is a Tofurky

Joe using our very old Pyrex baster on his Tofurky. I did not bast my bird because I didn’t feel the need to, and that way Joe got to use the Pyrex. This dish he is using to cook his Tofurky was a promotional piece from 1958. It is one of Joe’s favorites and he calls it “the dead fish pattern.”

Dinner is servered!

Our spread! Looks good right? I thought so too! Here is the run down for whats our table. In the promotional piece, Tokurky. In a plain roasting dish, sweet potatoes with marshmallows (don’t judge, I’m still a kid and I love it). In the yellow/pink daisy bowl we have wax beans followed by a HUGE helping of mashed potatoes in the Design bowl. In the largest of the Forest Fancies bowl are our rolls…which didn’t set up the right way. Which was silly, because I tried out so many different types of rolls. But, next year! In the split Town and Country dish we have peas and green beans-the dish is being held by one of the Cradles we found at Salvation Army. To hold the cranberry sauce we turned a clear refrigerator dish upside down…always thinking of new ways to use Pyrex here in Wonderland. Lastly, our stuffing was cooked in a lime green casserole dish…and if you noticed, a pumpkin too. Alton Brown showed it on Food Network so we tried it with a small amount of stuffing and a small pumpkin. If anyone comes back next year they’re more than welcome to bring stuffing. I wasn’t a fan of making it and have never been a fan of eating it. Our friend Hannah made some rice pilaf and brought it in some newer Pyrex, also.

Our fancy dining table plus Niko's robot plate

Our table. Two Pyrex gravy dishes (one Old Country Blue and one Butterfly Gold) and a Butterfly Gold butterdish. This is, sadly, my only picture that has the turkey in it. Somehow in all the madness I did not get a picture of my first turkey. Oh, I named the turkey Leroy. But, its okay…like I said, I’m doing this again next year so no hard feelings.

And for dessert we had two kinds of pie. First was the little cheesecakes made by Joe’s cousins lovely lady Jenny and second was my mothers chocolate pie. You can find the recipe here Moms chocolate pie.

Chocolate pie

Meringue topping, of course. I think people liked it…we only had two pieces left after.


Over all, it was a great first Thanksgiving. We finished off the night by watching Cannibal the Musical.

To end this post…an adorable picture of my son eating his first “grown up” meal.

Niko is nommin'


…he mostly liked the rolls.



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7 responses to “A Very Pyrex Thanksgiving

  1. Great post, great day! Looks like we still need a hands-on merengue lesson, though… 😉

  2. Linda Leslie

    Sounds wonderful!!! I have a yeast roll recipe that was my grandmother’s. I’ll send it to you if you would like. You will get better with trying, although this looks REAL good. Congratulations!!

    • I’ve made rolls a million times with utter sucess..just not this day. I had never done “brown n serve” rolls though. I would love another recipe thought!

      • Linda Leslie

        I will send it to you. This recipe is to be cut in a circle and “folded over”. They are small and men can eat them by the dozens!!! Almost….. Do you have a recipe box? I can put this on a 3 x 5 card.

      • I do not have a recipe box. I’ve found a couple in thrift stores but they didn’t scream at me. But I would accept it on a 3 x 5 for when I do finally find one 😀 until then, I have a binder I’m keeping things in.

  3. Amber

    Niko be scarfin!

    I never cared for stuffing either and everyone thinks I am nuts. I’m SO glad I’m not the only nut out there!

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