During the period of time my laptop was dead we took another little adventure into western Mass. Thankfully, it was when this side of the country was actually participating in the season known as “fall.” As of late we have had days in the high 60s and even the mid 70s…I’m sorry, but I love fall above all other seasons and I live in a part of the country that actually GETS fall. Hopefully, the weather will shape up and get back to normal soon!

But I digress. Joe found a listing on good ol’ Craigslist for an entire set of Pyrex new in box-no date given. Since it was a beautiful day we decided “hey, why not?” we made a day out of it and went to a big mall in Holyoke before heading to this gentleman’s home. A good rule of thumb when getting something off of Craigslist and you aren’t too familiar with the area: check out what else there is to do around the town or in the next town over. Once you’ve found something, get there early enough to enjoy it but still give yourself enough time to get to the meeting place you and your Craigslist findie have agreed upon. Always be careful though! We’ve only had one “bad” encounter with someone and it was over vintage cookbooks…long story short, we drove 45 minutes only to call her, lost, and have her tell us she gave them away already. Again, I digress.

This man, whose name I can’t reveal (to be honest, I can’t remember exactly), we’ll call him Keith, lived at the base of Mt.Tom in East Hampton, Mass. When he said his home was at the base of the mountain we thought he was exaggerating but as we turned off the highway into town we quickly realized he was not. Almost every home was at the base of the mountain! And oh, how beautiful it looked in its fall colors! I was in awe at how amazing it looked.

When we finally pulled up to Keith’s house he greeted Joe with a large smile and handshake. I stayed in the car to calm down the increasingly fussy little man in the backseat. After what seemed like 20 minutes, Joe came back with a large box filled with Pyrex.

Fancy, huh?

As best I can gather it is from the late 80s early 90s but more than likely the 80s. I base that on the packaging and the things in the box. He had said it was never opened before but it appeared to have been at least once.  Either way, for 8 dollars it seemed like a pretty great deal and for the views we got? Price wasn’t a problem.

Our apartment is shrinking, I believe, because I suddenly am running out of room to put things. Too many of those silly “eat me” cookies! Now where did I put the ones to make the apartment bigger again?



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3 responses to “BoxRex

  1. Linda Leslie

    This is a great story, Butterfly!!! What about a metal cabinet for your “overflow”? Joe could put it together. Do you have a wall in the kitchen for something like this? I can’t remember. Give Niko a kiss for GG

    • We have a built in cabinet that looks more like a dresser for dishes…but its fuller than full! And we’ve hardly got the room for the bookcase we bought to put them on. Oh well! I’ll find space ;D

      • Linda Leslie

        I have faith in your ability to find room for your treasures. And, I bet it will be fun doing it….. while Niko is asleep!!!

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