Dinner with Pyrex

I once had someone ask me, “Do you really need more Pyrex? I mean, you can’t possibly use it all.” I tried to explain to her that I do, in fact, use it all and a lot of it on the daily. Whenever Joe is actually awake for dinner (he works the third shift, so most of the time he is asleep during dinner) we tend to make a “nice” dinner- chicken/fake chicken, a veggie of some sort, and potatoes. Usually, we mash the ‘taters but lately we’ve been trying to change it up a little.

Chopped and seasoned potatoes! Can I tell you guys how much I love this bowl? It was a promotional chip and dip piece from 1958. I love the color blue for kitchen things, and this blue especially.

It was hard to get a good picture of the “fliping” action. But this is how Joe makes sure that all the seasoning coats the potatoes. Bet they didn’t have this in mind when they designed the Cinderella bowl.

From one Pyrex to another. We roasted the potatoes in a lime green casserole dish .

In the microwave, we made up some corn (out of a can, don’t judge) in the small Friendship bowl.

And…the final, finished dinner.

Oh, you see those Christmas sprinkles back there? Well…I love Christmas. And no, I did not add it to to my chicken before dinner.

Christmas cake! I mixed up the batter in my large yellow 300 bowl and used two of my Wilton 9 inch cake pans. Wilton, another good old brand that never goes out of style and is constantly reinventing themselves. I sometimes wish Pyrex would take a hint from them and come out with some new design bowls…but, maybe not doing that is best. It keeps the old classic, I suppose. But it would be neat to see what they come up with for this generation of Pyrex lovers.



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2 responses to “Dinner with Pyrex

  1. Linda Leslie

    Nice meal!!! And I love the dishes. But… where is Niko??? I remember that you are tree-shopping on Friday. Have fun and make some pictures for his book. Love you bunches, all of you.

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