A few new friends

Its been a while since we had any new arrivals here in Wonderland but good things come to those who wait. Also, when you’re busy buying gifts for other people this time of year, collecting tends to take a backseat.

Let’s start with these two little guys. Two small refrigerator dishes we found at Salvation Army for .99 cents each! I’m not a big fan of the Early American pattern (it’s a little boring for my taste) but Joe has a small crush on it.

I think it has something to do with his love of cats and corn. But that’s just my opinion.

Next is a dish my mother found at a SAVERS in Fall River, MA. This dish is the best example of what NOT TO DO with your Pyrex! Please, please, please if you love your dishes do not put them in the dishwasher.

This pattern is called Salad Bowl (according to PyrexLove) and as you can see this is not how the pattern was intended to look at the time of its conception in 1960. The color of the bowl has faded drastically and has a “chalky” look to it. Though the white of the design is still intact, it is sad to see such a lovely bowl hurt like this. The best way to clean your Pyrex is the simplest: warm water and a sponge with a rough side. If you allow for at least two hours of soaking, the sponge will do all the work for you. Remember that a clean Pyrex is a happy Pyrex!

Next we found another measuring cup. This one only measures a liquid cup and is from roughly the 1940s. The top of the handle is lipped and the bottom is sealed to the rest of the cup-two things that indicate the age of a measuring cup.

Lastly, we have a separated Cinderella dish. It was a promotional piece from 1959 and is only found as a Cinderella dish. A sweet piece for a spring dinner I’m thinking. Yes, I’m already thinking spring…but we’ve had weather in the 60s for weeks now so how can I not?! The pattern is gold-leaf on a cream-colored dish and is called Dandelion Duet though to me they look a little like snow flakes on stems.

A little sidebar about the quilted piece below all the Pyrex. Last week I found on Craigslist a man offering free Christmas decorations as he was recently divorced and did not want the things in his home anymore. We drove out to Berlin, MA and picked up three large Rubbermaid tubs filled to the brim with Christmas goodies. One of them was this homemade quilted wall hanging that I just fell in love with. Having a grandmother who is a quilter, I appreciate how much work and attention someone put into this-it was not going into the box of things to be donated. When Joe was setting up to take the pictures for this post, I asked him to use it as a little added Christmas cheer. As soon as we can find the best way to hang it, it will be going up in our living room.

Tonight, though, we drink eggnog and decorate our first family tree.



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2 responses to “A few new friends

  1. Very nice! I love the refrigerator dishes – Kathrine over at Rufus’ Guide bakes little breads in hers…

  2. Linda Leslie

    Your wall hanging pattern is called “Log Cabin”. I think you have one that I made for your single bed. The red square represents the hearth of the home. I think Heather’s was this pattern, too. It is easy to make, a good first quilt. I learned a lot about pyrex from your blog today. Have fun decorating the tree.

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