Christmas Time Is Here

Christmas is always exciting-at least for me. I love it to the degree that when little Santa’s  and candy canes start popping up before Thanksgiving it gets my blood pumping and my brain jumping. This year is especially exciting because it is Niko’s first Christmas and mine and Joe’s first in our own apartment. Needless to say, all stops have been pulled out. And I promise-Pyrex is in this post!

On Thursday, my mother and brother came up to help us get out tree (has anyone ever tried to tie anything to the top of a little Focus? Doesn’t go well) from a shop owned by our friends parents. If you live in MA and need a tree, head to Sparkleberry in Northbridge! Beautiful trees, gifts and treats inside and did I mention the always welcoming owners? Stop by, get a tree or gift and support a local business!

After 24 pain-staking hours of letting the tree settle, we got ready to decorate it. We started with a nice dinner-baked pasta in my Butterfly Gold Cinderella dish.

These Christmas plates we got from the man I mentioned yesterday whom we met on Craigslist. In one of the boxes were a complete set of Pfaltzgraff dishes. Pfaltzgraff was founded in 1811 in York County, PA and is another American dishware staple.

Another Pyrex/Christmas tie in is that Joe is using our new little one cup measure to water our tree.

Cute, huh?

After dinner settled, Joe went into the kitchen and started hot chocolate. For that, he used my Pyrex coffee pot to warm the milk

Once it was warmed, he poured the milk over some mix in our Brittany Blue teacups (the matching saucers are Corelle).

Pyrex does do Christmas ornaments but I have yet to find any yet. But you better bet when I do they’ll be all over our tree. Until then…I present to you all: our tree



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5 responses to “Christmas Time Is Here

  1. YAY TREE!!!
    And, would you LOOK at those beautiful snowflake ornaments! 😉

  2. Linda Leslie

    I thought I had posted…. sorry!!! The tree is very pretty. I noticed the snowflakes. I think I have some in the box with the ornaments. See if you can catch Niko close to the tree, perhaps a side view…. I’m being picky, I know, but that would be great in his album. Thanks. Santa got him started on the candy canes. He’ll learn quick that there’s paper on these.

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