Cinderella Bowls

Tis the season for cookies…and as you can see, I’ve been baking lots of those. This will not, however, be a baking post. I want to share with everyone a little history of my favorite type of dish: the Cinderella dish.

Enough cookies? No? I'll make more!

Introduced in 1958, the Cinderella dish is most recognizable by the two spouts/handles on either side of the dish. The Pyrex first dish I ever received was a Spring Blossom Cinderella dish, and it will always be special for that reason.  Since the Cinderella dishes were introduced in the late 50s early 60s, the colors and patterns reflected the times (ie: Amish Butterprint from 1959) They range in sizes from the very large (2 qt) to the very small (1 pint) which gives you a range of options for using your Cinderella dishes. On Thanksgiving, we used the Amish Butterprint pint dish hold M&Ms and currently have a large left-over baked pasta in a Butterfly Gold Cinderella dish-2 qts.

Most of my Cinderella collection. The ones not in the fridge

When I first started collecting I thought, “how neat, handles!” but little did I know how “neat” that would really turn out to be. We’ve found more uses for these handles than I can really count…but I’ll try to list some.

  • Seasoning homemade French fries/ roasted potatoes
  • Easy transfer from oven to table
  • Messy hands? Don’t wanna muck up the rest of the bowl? Carry it by the handles with your forearms.
  • Use the handles as spouts to pour a puree or soup.
  • Holding M&Ms and other small candies (for the smaller dishes)
  • Baking
  • Mixing-the handles help with hard to mix breads when you’re doing things without a mixer.

Seeing as there are seven listed, you can imagine I’m having a small brain malfunction. I’ve got these cookies to decorate and hand out today. Eggnog cookies, sugar cookies, buttermilk cookies and some oatmeal drop cookies. The oatmeal ones are obviously not going to be frosted but the others are in need of attention.

I’ll have a better post for everyone soon…These holidays are getting crazy. Until then, enjoy an adorable picture of my son with tape on his head.

Daddy put tape on my head!



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2 responses to “Cinderella Bowls

  1. OMG…what a kid!
    You,too, Butterfly! I love the little history lesson…
    And your cookies look tasty!

  2. Linda Leslie

    Sure would like to have a cookie!!! They look very good. How did Nkio get the tape on his head? What a great kid you have!!!

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