The Charlton Co-Op


Welcome to the Co-op! Located in beautiful Charlton, MA and open year ‘round on Saturdays and Sundays. We’ve been frequenting this co-op since about mid-summer and haven’t ever actually bought anything from it. Silly to do a blog post about a place we’ve never bought from, right? Wrong! This place is so full of treasure I have to share it (and we have in fact found things there that we wished to buy).


As a note: many of these pictures are blurry because they were taken with my camera phone and they auto-focus didn’t exactly focus. Please bear with them!



When you first walk in there are isles upon isles of stuff…Everything from records to books, to dolls and to collectible beer items, and of course-hiding in corners: Pyrex.



The problem with a Co-op is that different vendors rent out spaces, thusly setting their prices for items when they stock them. This is a bummer if you’re one who likes to haggle for what you want seeing as 9.5 times of out 10 the vendor is not there and the person running the shop cannot (or, will not) change the price. A lot of the time they may be a little more pricey than us savvy shoppers would even dare to spend. Example, that set in the picture above? They wanted 30 dollars for it and though its hard to see in the picture (sorry) the center bowl is almost completely washed out and the outer most bowl was half way to deadsville. You would be getting royally ripped off. I would not pay more than 10 for the entire set…and that would be a stretch.


But this doesn’t mean that all Co-op vendors are out to wash out your wallet. Take this big yellow bowl tucked away…



They were asking 10 dollars for this bowl. I have this large bowl that was bought in a lot from a woman off of Craigslist and after research learned that the whole set is worth over 100 dollars. So to pay 10 for a single bowl isn’t too bad. So what I’m really saying here is that you need to do as much poking and prying around as possible before you settle on something too expensive or nothing at all.

Some Co-op are cleaner and better organized than others…this is a pretty well-organized one. It is what looks like an old barn or arena of some sort and is dusty, but still more clean than it probably was in its last life.


It could be argued that this Co-op has at least one of everything. My husband collects Moxie soda things and they even have one bottle there-15 dollars for a later edition bottle. A good deal but not something he can’t live without (which is why it is still sitting in their pretty glass display case).

From muppet dolls, Christmas ornaments, wooden kitchen utensils, Darth Vader helmets and flags of the North east-there is really something for everyone here. Even Niko found something he liked…



Looks like we’re going to have a little drummer boy!




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3 responses to “The Charlton Co-Op

  1. Linda Leslie

    Interesting post!! I love stores like the co-op. It’s just not much fun to plow through without a companion who loves it as well!! Niko’s find is awesome!!

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