Charlton Flea Market

Today is another “where to buy” post and another one from Charlton, MA. This one is for the actual flea market in front of the Co-Op.
We love this flea market and all of the people we interact with there. They’re the perfect mix of crazy-fleafolk and good bargain drivers. We’ve bought from this flea several times before-one Friendship Cinderella bowls, the Balloon Chip n’ Dip, and our Terra bowls-and have wanted more than we could afford.
One booth is always packed with Pyrex goodies and the woman who runs it actually works at the Salvation Army in town! We have a theory that she scoops up all the good stuff  to resell before we can get to them at Sallys.

Of course, there are other booths that have Pyrex, too, just not as much as this one. At the beginning of the row of booths is a “half off glassware” sign. After a little poking, we found this little guy…

And a little further back…

And even further back…

And lastly, hidden in a corner of odd nick-nacks…

It is a great flea if you’re in the area or feel like taking a day trip some Sunday morning. Like its Co-Op counterpart, there is really something here for everyone. Right now, there is a lot of vintage Christmas things.



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2 responses to “Charlton Flea Market

  1. Olivia Rogers

    What an interesting place to visit!!! Seems the back corners are the best!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. This is Granny writing on Nana’s computer.

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