Into the west

Do all of the great treasures in our world lie to the west? Years ago it was gold and land today its Pyrex…well, for me and my family it is.
The search started off like it always does…Craigslist, but the difference this time was we were up at 3:30 in the morning looking. Why do you ask? We have a little boy who is teething and it has been waking him up at odd hours. While trying to calm the baby back down, Joe handed me the phone and said, “Do you want to go to Holyoke tomorrow?” When I saw what was on the listing my heart jumped and I couldn’t have said yes fast enough. So I emailed the person and waited…
We had to run to the dreaded Wal-Mart yeasterday morning to pick up a few things (before the madness set in) and to kill some time before we headed west. Once the email came in that we were good to meet up with the seller (Kim), we headed out to Holyoke.
Since the mall is swamped this time of year (it’s a big  mall and even small ones are probably packed this weekend) we agreed to meet at the Burger King close to a highway-we knew where it was because the time we went to Mt. Tom for Pyrex we stopped to have lunch there (in case anyone doesn’t know, it is Joes favorite place to eat because they have veggie burgers). We watched the door and when I saw a young woman walk in with two refrigerator dishes in her hands I knew this was who we were waiting for.

Snowflake Blue

How adorable are they! The pattern is called Snowflake Blue and for both of these little darlings we paid five dollars-Kim rocked on her price for them. After the initial, “I wasn’t expecting someone young,” we got to chatting about how much both of us love Pyrex. It was so nice to not only buy from someone who is also a collector but someone who is young as well. Most people, though totally awesome, are so much older that I feel like they don’t believe I’ll really appreciate the dishes they are selling me. It was a nice change of pace to meet Kim, to say the least.
She tipped us to some great places in the Springfield area…some though I promised not to disclose 😉 One of them was a gold-mine SAVERS store in Springfield.

The store that dreams are made in

And ooooh goodness was it as amazing as promised.
First, there was this:

Then these…

Large Snowflake dish with green wheat/unknown pattern. Some ads called it Hospitality )

and these…

Spring Blossom dishes



Early American


Pie dishes and a few lids

So what made it home?

The large Snowflake dish (which will make its grand debut tonight at our Christmas party), a small Summer Impression piece and Joe’s big demand-the black and white Gooseberry cinderella dish.
I can’t thank Kim enough for the dishes as well as the tips…and Craigslist for bringing two junkies like us together.
Now its time to start on some homemade bread sticks for tonight’s party. We are calling it a “Craigslist Christmas,” and the rules are that your Yankee swap gift must be free off of Craigslist or less than 5 dollars from a thrift store. Even though I doubt any Pyrex will surface…I may have to do a post about it. Thrift store folk will get it…



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4 responses to “Into the west

  1. I’m with Joe – I love the black and white!
    Have a ball with your party!!!

  2. Olivia Rogers

    Just discovered this post!! Your stories of finding folks and meeting with new friends is always fun to read. Give Niko a big hug for GG.

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