Craigslist Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas day and I couldn’t be more excited or have more last minute touch ups to do. Thankfully, none of that involves shopping in the least bit-just putting some bows on peoples gifts and making some cookies for my sister.
Last night we hosted our very first Craigslist Christmas party and it was a hit. Yankee swap gifts ranged from old records to a melted turkey baster and from snowman place mats (with arms that dangle down your table) to a giant “painting” of a Pegasus on  crushed velvet. The “painting” though not a gift Joe or myself actually received is in my house…due to the fact that a friend could not get it home. Hopefully, it won’t be staying too long (hint hint, Abby come get your husbands picture!) for if it does…it will end up on a wall…and people will see it. Oi..
Anyway, let’s move on to the Pyrex aspect of this post today. We love to cook, so of course we made a good dinner for those who came to our house last night featuring as always Pyrex.
A large baked pasta in our newly acquired Snowflake dish. In the split Snowflake dish (reverse colors than the large dish) a section of rice pasta for our Gluten free friend and then some normal pasta with only a little cheese for her husband. In the black and white Gooseberry bowl I put the homemade bread sticks-for those I used my favorite egg bread recipe. To hold the extra sauce we used the small Snowflake Blue dishes we bought from Kim in Holyoke the other day and they were joined on the table with matching Snowflake Blue butter dish (bought from a nice couple in North Kingston, RI).

There is everything alllllll together. Pretty nice spread, huh? There were no left overs which is a little refreshing, oddly enough. I can’t really explain why though.

Have a very, very Merry Christmas from our family to all of yours. I hope all you Pyrex lovers use it in some way or another tomorrow. I think I will go out to buy some Eggnog to sip out of my Butterfly Gold mug.
Merry Christmas!



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3 responses to “Craigslist Christmas

  1. Olivia Rogers

    Wonderful, Sarah!! Sounds like your party was great fun. Your table is lovely. They still make that Christmas pattern if you want more of it. Check it out online and they will send you a catalog. Nana and I helped with the church service today. We lit the Advent wreath. We had a good day and hope that you have a wonderful Christmas day tomorrow. Love you bunches!! Granny

  2. You have no leftovers because EVERYONE loved your food!

  3. Olivia Rogers

    From Granny: We warmed asparagus (canned) in a green and white/creme loaf pyrex pan today. We thought of you!!! Your mom is right about no leftovers!! It’s a compliment to your abilities as a cook and party giver. I (Granny) am proud of you. I’ll be at my regular email tomorrow night. love you bunches.

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