Sturbridge Antiques

All right, Christmas is past and we’re getting back to another Where to Buy post! This is an antique shop in Sturbridge, MA and if you have ever been to the town you know that it is riddled with antique shops. Most of them, too, are junk (and not the good junk). The kind of junk that tourists come in and buy because they say “antique” even though they’re more than likely a reproduction that they want triple what its really worth for. But this shop is not like that-though it does have some things that strike me as repros.

Like the pictures from Charlton, I apologize for the slightly fuzzy pictures.

The upstairs is mostly glass-cases full of costume jewelry and some furniture.

I couldn’t resist a little more Christmas…I’m a junkie!
Even Joe managed to find something he collects-a Moxie soda sign. Joe never, ever, ever finds Moxie things when we go out. So when he found this I’m pretty sure his heart skipped more than a few beats. But then the price came crashing down on both of us. 425 is just too much…

The downstairs is really our favorite place. It has postcards (one of which we bought), old kitchen items, textiles, advertising items, salt and pepper shakers, and of course…Pyrex.

See that little butter dish? Yeah, that came home. We love the Old Country Blue pattern too much to have let this little dish slip away. But as much as I love my new little butter-buddy, the postcard that Joe found is much more interesting…

That is main street, Spencer MA. See that corner-stone? That is at the edge of my home and the same home that has been my husbands for the last 20 years. This postcard was sent in 1929 so we can assume that it was printed about the same time. We can even see where Craig’s barber shop is! Or rather…will be in the coming years. Wonder what it was then…and there was clearly no Xtramart across the way in 1929.
For anyone who has the chance to make it out there tomorrow they are having a store wide sale! Sadly though, we will not be able to go back and get that Moxie sign. Le sigh…



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2 responses to “Sturbridge Antiques

  1. Linda Leslie

    Good post, I especially like the old post card. That is great to see what your neighborhood looked like in 1929.

  2. I always wondered what the little dry cleaner’s looked like before someone put siding on it…
    Nice find – can’t wait to see it in person!

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