Baby Bottles: Not just for babies!

It has been months since there was a need in our home for a small baby bottle. Our boy is almost a whole year old and hasn’t been taking 4 oz bottles since he was 5 months old-maybe younger…hes a big kid. But when Joe found a Craigslist post that had a Pyrex baby bottle in it I had to have it. Even though it will be one piece in the collect that won’t be used.
After exchanging a few emails with the bottles owner we set out to Waltham, MA to pick it up. She was asking an amazingly low fee for it-a whole 5 dollars! Narrow necked 4 oz bottles are typically found at 20-25 dollars at your antique store or flea market so this is clearly a great score for us.

Sorry for the non-fancy photo. This was right after we picked it up

Pyrex baby bottles were introduced in the 1950s and had a huge selling point of NOT exploding while being heated. I’m not too sure about the connection, but some advertising and packaging say “Evenflo.” For those of us with babies in our lives, Evenflo is a trusted bottle brand. I’ll be investigating the connection between Pyrex and the Evenflo brand in the days to come.
We attempted to find three antiquate shops in the area while we were up there but that failed on a couple levels. One of them, a Co-Op, was only NOT open on Tuesdays so that one didn’t work. The other two were closed for good. But we didn’t give up. We found a SAVERS in Framingham but it had literally nothing. I have never been to a SAVERS that had no Pyrex at all but I guess I have now. We headed home…only to have a rock end up hitting our windshield and a stop at the UPS store to find out where the Christmas gift to my mother in law and brother in law were. My mother in laws had been destroyed. The day was very slowly going down hill. So we made it home where nothing else bad could happen.
I have a first birthday to plan and you better bet that Pyrex will be a big help in the baking of my boys first cake and the “grown ups” dessert bread. But before that, a trip to western Mass to see my Pyrex-bestie, Kim, for a swap. Some ladies do cookie swaps-cool ladies do Pyrex swaps.


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One response to “Baby Bottles: Not just for babies!

  1. Linda Leslie

    Interesting, Sarha. Who would have thought there is a connection between Evenflo and Pyrex. Sorry abut the destroyed gift. Will you get some money back? You certainly should!!!

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