The Great Pyrex Swap

Some woman swap cookies or old family recipes. My fellow Pyrex junkie and I got together today for our first swap meet despite the nastiest weather we’ve had since October. Though we both knew what the other had come to swap it was still like Christmas…Pyrex Christmas in a Dunkin’ Donuts. Here is what we brought for her:

Her favorite pattern is the Spring Blossom and as many of you know-we’ve got a lot of that! A lot more than we could ever use so why not pass it along to our new friend? Four mugs and a butter dish. Then a little dish we picked up for her at the Salvation Army in town. It is called Golden Tulip and was a promotional piece from 1959. A very sweet little dish!
Now…before I show you what she brought to the table I gotta say-she outdid us. Next time we’ve gotta find some really amazing pieces for her. Be ready, Kim!

See what I mean! Girls got it! I mean…where do I even start? The Old Town Blue creamer makes my heart flutter, the Bake a Round makes me weak in the knees, the custard cups make me want to clutch my pearls…well, that is if I wore any. The Cinderella dish I can’t seem to find a name for but I’m so in love with its ornate pattern. Almost like a noble family crest…perhaps the Steinmetz family will adopt it as one.
Kim seems to have a great way of reading people-especially my husband. She brought him a “surprise” which turned out to be this little lid here.

Pyrex began engraving lids, loaf pans, pie dishes and casserole dishes as early as 1918 but by the 1940s it was discontinued. Some say that they stopped because it became to pricey to produce where as some believe that the changing styles of the new decade left the engraving “dated.” Either way, the engraved pieces are hard to find and can be very pricey when found.

The Bake a Round will most likely be put to use as soon as this evening. It came with recipes for breads I haven’t yet attempted I’m going to try my hand at Italian as we have friends coming for pasta night.
After some great conversation and baby playing the four of us headed off to find a Goodwill. It wasn’t there. So we ventured off to the Quaboag Valley Antique Center, which turned out to be around the corner from the Dunkin’s we were at. It was fun and especially fun to go hunting with our new comrade. Joe found a Pyrex percolator in amazing condition but they were asking 38 for it-money we just don’t have to spend on replacing the one Niko cracked.
But…Joe did find something. Something amazing.

Our first piece of Pyrex advertising! I couldn’t be more excited-oh wait, I could! It only cost 4.25! Kim was also able to purchase a twin to our cheese plate as well as a gift for a friend. It was a very good trip. We asked the sweet old woman running the shop (or, she seemed to be anyway) if there was still a Goodwill in town. She let us know that they moved it down the road. Sadly, we all equally struck out there though it was good to know where in fact it was.
Niko was starting to crank and Joe had a in Leominster that evening so we parted ways. Clearly, it was a great first Pyrex Swap and we can’t wait to do it again.
It’s beyond fun to have a fellow junkie!



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4 responses to “The Great Pyrex Swap

  1. Linda Leslie

    Sounds like great fun!! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Please let us know how that bake a round works out. I’ve never seen anything like that. Thanks for sharing your fun!!

  2. Fabulous! I can’t wait to hear about the bake-around, either…
    And I STILL love that ad!

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