Wayside Antique

I’ve told you all about Wayside antiques before, I’m pretty sure. It is located in West Boylston, MA and was the first place we really connected with a dealer it is also where my husband found my Zodiac dish for Christmas. Our elderly dealer friend remembered us when we walked in. Greeting us with, “Hey look! Its the Pyrex folks!”  Now…it is a lot like other antique stores where you’re going to end up paying more for your findings than you would at thrift store.
The set of pink Gooseberry pictured above was priced at 50 dollars and the smaller Autumn Harvest dishes were upwards of 25-35 dollars per dish. A little pricey, huh? But it is a good place to find some rare pieces.

The shelves are always neat and clean here with nearly every product priced. If you’re not an antique shopper you may be thinking “why wouldn’t there be prices?” well, sometimes there just aren’t stickers or tags! This can be frustrating if you find something you love without a tag and the owner of the booth isn’t available to question.

This piece is an example of a non-priced item. Thankfully, it was not one we were interested in and not something that Wayside lets happen.

A little red refrigerator dish (more than likely from the Friendship pattern set), a Butterfly Gold butter dish and a green bowl with Verde lid. The Verde pattern is only found on lids and comes with a solid colored bowl.
This little guy was very interesting…

A Brown Onion bowl pattern with a Cosmopolitan lid! Who messed this one up!? Two fun pieces and the Cosmo lid can be hard to find-we did not have the near 30 dollars to drop on it. Maybe another day it will be more in the cards.
In the corner that our elderly friend says is the “cheap” corner we found a few Golden Acron dishes

But we aren’t too big a fan of this pattern so we passed. We also passed because we found this…

Do you see what I see? Do you see what we came home with? This is a full set roasting dish from-by my best guess-between 1910 and 1930. The lid is engraved and the Pyrex logo at the bottom is the first generation logo with a dollar sign above the words. The silver serving dish depicts a little scene as well which doesn’t seem to fit with any other Pyrex cradles I’ve seen before but the woman working was quick to point out how beautifully the glass dish fit inside. It was sold as set so we weren’t going to complain about whether or not it was original to the dish. I love it beyond love.
On the way home Joe asked me, “What will be make in that?” And for the first time since I started collecting I said “Its too pretty to bake in.”
Just got a hot tip that there is a lot of Pyrex at Savers so we’re headed that way! Wish us luck, folks! And you know you’ll get the update if we find anything amazing.



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4 responses to “Wayside Antique

  1. Linda Leslie

    This is beautiful!!! I’m glad you had fun

  2. Kris

    The lid on the onion dish is actually the lid that goes with it, not the cosmopolitan lid.

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