New Page


Hey readers! You may have noticed we have added a new page. It is a pattern reference for anyone looking to identify something they have found. Unlike other Pyrex sites we will not be hosting pictures of things that we do not own/have not encountered in the wild.

Please enjoy the new page and feel free to leave some feedback! It is of course a work in progress and will be updated the more we discover pattern!





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4 responses to “New Page

  1. Can I just be a geek and say I read all your post:) Love them all:) You are so inspiring!!!!!! Love all the great pieces you have acquired since you started collecting:) Peace and love to you!!!!

    • Eeeee! Can I just be a geek and say I love that you real all my posts! Thank you so muchhh! We’ll need to catch up soon 🙂 peace and love to you and the kids! And craig too, of course haha

  2. The thumbnails look fine – you can see the detail in all the patterns.

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