Just some photos…

As some of you may remember we had a few friends from out of state stay with us last month. One of them, a wonderful fella named Seth took some pictures of my Pyrex collection. The night they arrived was the night we learned how badly we were in need of a new display shelf as the more traffic we had in the kitchen the more the shelf began to lean. Joe and I had to pile most of our pieces on to the table, where Seth took the pictures that are to follow.

I love the pictures and am so thankful for Seth for taking the time to send them to me! There are not many but I do believe they’re a great little treat for what is turning out to be a gray and nasty day.

My cheese plate inside the Design, inside a Spring Blossom inside of Autumn Harvest


Refrigerator dishes


Old Town Blue gravy dish

Old Town Blue gravy dish

And lastly, a non-Pyrex related picture…

Moxie with "Moxie pony"


The little painted pony was given to Joe by a customer a few months ago. It is small, wooden and hand painted. We’ve named him the Moxie Pony because he is a similar color to the Moxie soda bottle. These little horses are suppose to be good luck. So far, we’ve been pretty lucky so it must be working!

Thank you again to Seth for the photos and I hope they brightened up someones day!








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2 responses to “Just some photos…

  1. Great photos, and a great idea for a post!

  2. Linda Leslie

    Friends are a true gift, pictures or painted ponies!! Your post is good, you are lucky!!!

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