Good Eats

I know my posts have been far and few between lately but I swear..for good reason. One being that I’ve been pretty busy with getting taxes done (then fixed), cleaning up the house only to have it a mess the next minute and just life in general. The second reason is that we’re trying to save money for a house and have since cut our thrifting budget to pretty much nothing. It is painful beyond reason to have to go passed SAVERS and not stop in and hunt. Or to go to the Charlton Flea market and drop a few dollars on some new pieces…but, a house is more important. But I won’t leave you high and dry, though most of the blog may be recipes in Pyrex for a while. Maybe once a month we’ll go thrifting and there is always the Brimfeild Flea in May/July/September. So we’ll get back to the roots of a collecting-blog soon enough.
For today though I’m going to tell you about a show. A wonderful, amazing, inspirational show called Good Eats. Yes, I’m aware that it is an older show but the charisma and culinary knowledge of Alton Brown is ageless. We watch a ton of Food Network and Cooking Channel and pretty much anything Alton puts his name to because every recipe of his we’ve tried has been a home run. At Thanksgiving I used his brine recipe for our turkey and it came out pretttttty amazing!
Now, another  reason to love him: his use of Pyrex on Good Eats! On an episode where Alton was teaching the world about cake making, Joe noticed that he was using a Pyrex measuring cup! Then used the lids to refrigerator dishes for displaying ingredients then simple mixing bowls. Last night, he was making fudge and once again used Pyrex to aid his cooking.
Can this man do any wrong? I don’t believe so. Good Eats is a great show (and a few books, too) that will give you a good sense of cooking basics. My husband has recently started to expand his cooking ability and with tips from Alton Brown it has been going well.
I’ll be posting more soon as I can about pieces we’ve picked up. I was gifted some neat pieces from my step-father and mother so once I get some dates for them I’ll give you guys a little write up!


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  1. Linda Leslie

    I enjoyed this one!! The best news is that you are starting to think about a house. I went online in Spencer, MA and found some real estate. Looks like there is plenty….. then I realized that some were in other towns!! Oh, Granny, be careful!!! Take your time and wait for one that has the most things that you want. I watch “house hunters” on TV. Everyone seems to have a list.

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