Strawberry Whipped Cream (with a side of pie)

The chocolate pie of my childhood has become the go-to dessert of my adulthood-but with a twist. See, Joe doesn’t like meringue because its not sweet. I understand this dislike though it does make me a little sad since meringue on chocolate pie is what I’ve always known. So since he has started an exploration of culinary means he offered to make a whipped topping for the pie.
A little backstory…last weekend I made a pie and some cookies for my father in exchange for tax preparation. I didn’t want to send over one of my Pyrex dishes (to be honest, if you have ever known the kind of house keeper my father and his wife are you wouldn’t send nice dishes there either) so I bought a pack of two pre-made pie crusts with dishes. All I had to do was pre-bake the crust and make the filling. So, when we had one left over I asked Joe what we should do with it and after I said chocolate pie he started in with ideas on what type of topping to make. It went something like this…
Joe: How about sea salt whipped cream?
Me: How about bacon? (even though I don’t eat pork bacon)
Joe: How about…strawberries?
Me: Oooh
We had some fresh ones in the fridge that I had picked up as a Superbowl snack so Chef Joe set out to turn them into something new

Wash them first, of course.

Small Friendship Cinderella dish

Then chop into fine pieces and add some sugar-use the amount that fells best for you. If you know you’re someone who likes things sweeter-go for it.

Then puree them with whatever sort of processor you have. We used a Cuisenart Smart Stick-thank you mommy!
In a separate bowl pour in 1 cup of heavy whipping cream.

Medium size Terra bowl

After a few moments of whipping the cream its self, add in your purred strawberries.

After a few minutes of mixing your whipping cream will start to stiffen and become more of a WHIPPED cream. Add more sugar if it doesn’t seem to be stiffening properly…We didn’t exactly measure things this time,

It will look something like this. Since fresh strawberries were used there isn’t an overly pink color to the cream. Which is nice, eh?
Finished pie on a small Pyrex plate
The premade pie crust didn’t cut very well so the pie piece isn’t that pretty..but it was SO tasty!
Try this out in your favorite Pyrex and let me know how it goes!



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2 responses to “Strawberry Whipped Cream (with a side of pie)

  1. Linda Leslie

    I love the way you accommodate everyone’s likes and dislikes. The pictures are beautiful and strawberries and chocolate are natural go-together food. I understand about the purchased pie pan!!! We have snow forecast for this afternoon. I’m headed to church and will plan to be home the rest of the day!! LYB

  2. Nice post, Butterfly!
    Looks like some yummy whipped cream!

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