More Pyrex Baby Bottles!

I’m sure that you all remember (or I hope that some of you do, anyway) that a few weeks back we found a woman on craigslist selling an old Pyrex baby bottle. I was elated because they are not something too easily found…until yesterday.
We’ve been holding off going to thrift stores because we are saving as much money as possible for a house but yesterday we had a calling. Well okay, not a calling-Joe wants to make a double boiler with a Pyrex dish so we were going to look for a cheap piece that we wouldn’t be sad about losing if the experiment went poorly. While walking up and down the isles I heard a sudden and very urgent call of, “Hun!” What had my Mad Hatter found?

More baby bottles! Yes you heard me – MORE PYREX BABY BOTTLES! What joy. What beauty. What a happy day! Two of the two bottles above say Pyrex for Evenflo and the third one simply days Evenflo though as I learned with the first bottle we acquired Pyrex glass was used for Evenflo bottles even if it not noted on the bottle itself. According to my Pyrex collectors guide, these bottles normally fetch 25-30 dollars at a flea market/antique store but at SAVERS we paid .99 cents per bottle! A steal, to be sure.
Next we found these…

Davol Feed Rite bottles do not say they are a Pyrex product but upon some looking we found some on ebay with a label inside saying they are in fact Pyrex. We haven’t found anything online about he Davol company only places like Ebay and Etsy who have them for sale. Sort of exhausting to find something so neat but then have no idea about where it came from!
We did find two other pieces while out yesterday as well. A dish for our double boiler experiment and a second Old Town Blue gravy dish. Thinking of re-selling the gravy dish come flea market season since we are considering renting out a table at a flea this summer.

Thats our whole lot. A nice little splurge for some amazing baby bottles and two extra pieces.



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4 responses to “More Pyrex Baby Bottles!

  1. I want one of the Davols…gonna put it in a baby gift for Cassie!
    Think about how much you want for it!

  2. Linda Leslie

    A great story, Sarah. I love the pyrex with the dark blue design. That is MY favorite!! Keep me posted, please, about the double boiler experiment. I’m very interested in what he is trying and how it turns out!! Have fun, hugs to all of you.

  3. Kim, of course!

    This post made me want to collect baby bottles!

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