Good Ol’ Savers

Yesterday we went to our beloved SAVERS-which as has been less beloved as of late because they are getting pretty…how shall we say…big in the britches with their prices. Thankfully, we were able to find a few pieces with fair prices and things we had been wanting.

Lets start with the mugs. The outer most mug is in the Ribbon Bouquet pattern and we purchased four mugs for 1.50. I hadn’t seen this pattern in a thrift store or antique store before so it was very exciting to find yesterday. Next we have my current favorite pattern-Old Town Blue also four for 1.50.
Next we found a Butterfly Gold saucer to match the gravy dish we have waiting for our good friends when they find a place of their own!
Then came two “biggies”…a sugar dish and creamer! Now, these little guys are hard to find but their evil twins are not.

This is NOT PYREX! Notice how the butterflies have large open wings? NOT PYREX! This doesn’t have a brand either so we have no idea where the evil came from. It comes in a sugar bowl and creamer set but is a fake-so ignore it when you see it!
And lastly…this little guy

Normally, I don’t allow Fire King in my house but for this I made an exception. He was just too pretty and too cute not to bring home and at a total of 3 dollars. We will use it as a sugar dish for day-to-day and when we have breakfast parties we will use the Butterfly Gold pieces.
We noticed a lot of Butterfly Gold pieces in general so we think that someone who collected the pattern must have died or run out of room for it. We ended up lucking out no matter what happened.

Oh..and p.s: who thought these went together?! I mean honestly, people…

This did not come home. It needed too much cleaning. And Kim found us the lid already!



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4 responses to “Good Ol’ Savers

  1. I am loving that little Fire King dish…SO cute.
    I’ve got to do a Saver’s run (Fall River)soon to drop stuff off, and I’ll see if I can find anything fun!

  2. Linda Leslie

    I agree with your mom about the little Fire King dish. It is very pretty!! My favorite Pyrex is the dark blue. Can’t remember the pattern name. Have fun, hugs all around!!

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