How to Spend Less than 15 Dollars and Strike Gold

Last Sunday we took a little trip to two flea markets that we have frequented before-the Dudley and Charlton fleas. In our pocket were an extra 15 dollars we had come up with after donating some soda cans and trading in some older 1s for more money. To say we got our moneys worth may be the understatement of the year.
Lets start with Dudley…when we pulled up the parking lot was packed and we quickly learned that there was a bike show happening. No, not motorcycles. Actual bikes that you use your feet and legs to make move-kind of hipster but still kind of awesome. Either way, we were worried that the flea market would be too packed and it would just be a busy…but we went in with our eyes ready. After a few minutes of looking around the “main” part of the building we went into the back area which in the past has been filled with Avon products and weird almost-expired-food. Needless to say, I didn’t have high hopes. I was wrong.

Joe found this sitting on a shelf among some old Pokemon cups. It has the old Pyrex logo with  dollar sign and the glass is much, much heavier than any other plain glass pieces. Thinking that whoever was running the booth would be asking a lot of money for it he went to find them…just to be sure. He came back with an elderly old woman who picked up the unmarked dish and said, “1.50.” A. DOLLAR. FIFTY. ONE. DOLLAR and FIFTY CENTS! We more than likely could have asked for a dollar but were so struck by the amazing price that we took it. To make it an even 2 dollars though I asked for a Pokemon cup too. A good find that we were thought there was no way at all to top…but then, there was Charlton.

I think I have mentioned before how Joe loves the Terra pattern and in our Pyrex collecting book it tells us that they made dinnerware in the pattern. But how often do we find it? Oh, NEVER! So, we find these little ones that need a good scrubbing on the bottom but they’re not marked. Then more..

One set for us. One set for Kim. But still no prices and more odd than that…the woman who runs the booth, Barbra as I finally learned her name, was nowhere to be found. Thankfully though the man who runs the next booth over came over to ask us if we needed help. He said she was probably getting breakfast or a snack and would be back in a minute. This was great because it gave Joe and I time to  plan out our offer. Simple: we had a 10 dollar bill so offer 10 and see what she takes.
When she finally made it back to us she was happy to see Niko and how big he is getting. We made our offer…held our breaths…and she accepted! We were so beyond excited. Finally we had something amazing to bring to Kim!
After checking out the Co-Op in the back we didn’t find any Pyrex worth while really. Well that’s not true, we did find some but didn’t have the cash for it. But what I did find is an IceCats bear for a dollar. The IceCats were the local hockey team for Worcester that is now called the Sharks. My husband and his friends find the old stuff fun, so I thought it was a good dollar spent.
So there you have it, some amazing Pyrex pieces for less than 15 dollars! It’s really the best when you drag yourself out somewhere when you don’t really want to…ya always tend to find the best stuff!


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