A quick write up…

I miss you, blog and blog readers…but things have been very busy as of late and pretty tight with money. I’m putting the house on a little diet so there will be less baked goods appearing here but some new meal time ideas brought to you by Pyrex and myself. Hopefully,we’ll be hooking up with Kim again soon to do an exchange of goodies!

Until then I have an unconventional use for a Pyrex pie dish….

We’ve busted out the grill! The weather has been so unseasonal that we thought why not…Despite the fact we’re getting some snow tonight.

After the steak comes off it needs to rest a while so to keep it nice and warm Joe had the idea to cover it with a pie dish! It has become the norm for keeping our freshly grilled pieces warm while the rest of dinner finishes.

Hope to be writing more soon and thank you to those who check daily 🙂


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One response to “A quick write up…

  1. Linda Leslie

    Good morning wonderful granddaughter!!! I’ve missed your blog, but totally understand. I’d like to hear about your day with your mom and the two kids. I like Joe’s idea about keeping things warm with pyrex pie pan. Have a good day!! Hugs all around from GG

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