As many of you may remember we acquired some Pyrex plates a few weeks back. Aside from being utterly awesome, do you know what is best about Pyrex plates? You can put them in the oven!

Yes folks with that wonderful Pyrex glass composition you can do what you could never do with ordinary plates!

For our first adventure with these plates we chose something simple: ravioli. Joe simply put the pieces of pasta on the plate (uncooked) and topped them with sauce and cheese. Place in the oven for about 15-20 minutes and BAM. Beautiful dinner on a warm plate.

Another quick post…but I must tell…no, warn you that the blogs to follow with blow your mind. Be ready, readers, we’re going on a trip back in time and across the pond!



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4 responses to “Plates

  1. Kim, of course!

    I love the pasta dish, so easy? Was it tasty?

    Now, I only have Corelle. Can I put those in the oven?

    • I wouldn’t.. they aren’t meant to be heated up. Its also one of the reasons they fade in the dishwasher after too many cleanings.
      And oh yes, very tasty! Joe makes the sauce himself and its just amazing.

      • Kim, of course!

        Thanks! … and now I need some Pyrex plates! Looking for more Pyrex is never a problem for me.

  2. Linda Leslie

    I’m excited about this upcoming group of posts!!! The ravioli looks SO good!!

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