A Non-Pyrex Post

You can’t win every time you go to a thrift store. Pyrex isn’t always there or if it is its been run through the dishwasher so many times that the little Pilgrams on Amish Butterprint dishes look like ghosts. This was the case last week when we did our rounds at SAVERS in a snow storm. But we didn’t come home emtpy handed…no, no not by a long shot. We found three non-Pyrex pieces and spent roughly 10 dollars.
Let’s start with ice cubes. Weird, right? Ice cubes? Not these ice cubes..

Ice trays like these were put out by GE in the 1950s and the lever in the center moves to release the ice cubes from the tray. It was advertised as a “Hostesses dream” because of its quick ice making (metal gets cold pretty fast, ya know) and almost instant servability (is that a word?). It was 4.99
And then…there were these.

Salt and Pepper shakers! Couldn’t you just die over how adorable these little guys are? The toaster actually pops the “toast” shakers. The TV dial turns and it makes the shakers on the side raise up. These weren’t marked but were juts too cute not to ask about..so we did. The girl said “1.99 each,” which was a decent price especially considering how high the prices at SAVERS have gotten lately. So we snagged them up.

A fun little score, huh? Now, I know I promised you a big exciting post about some new pieces that came from an undisclosed location but you’re just going to have to wait a little longer.
Next stop…International Pyrexville!



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7 responses to “A Non-Pyrex Post

  1. Kim, of course!

    I love the shakers!

  2. I *do* love the pieces…but, repeat after me:
    “I will NEVER go thrifting in a snowstorm, EVER again.”
    Mama’s heart can’t take it, Butterfly.

  3. Olivia Rogers

    From Granny on Nana’s computer: I totally agree with your mom about shopping in a snow storm!! I do love the salt and pepper shakers. Have fun, will type to you later. There’s a storm moving in. Must get off!!!

    Love you bunches

    • Olivia Rogers

      Those ice trays were the kind we used when I was a kid. Later we “upgraded” to the twist kind. I guess that was when plastic became more popular. I like my ice maker best!!!

      • Linda Leslie

        This one is from Granny on Nana’s computer. I am home now so all will be back in order!!

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