International Pyrex Day

All right, everyone…the post you’ve all been waiting for. After a crazy 24 hours of car problems and a snow storm I was on the phone with my mom when I noticed the letter carrier coming up to the porch. Now, we normally get the mail any time after noon so having it come around 10 in the morning the day after a storm was very weird.
I walked to the door, phone in hand, and noticed a box.
“Mom, there’s a box here..AH! It’s from England! It’s from Jess!”
And now we’ll back up a little…
When I was in middle school I met Jessica-a ska lover with a huge brain and nice smile (yeah I said it) and happened to share a birthday with me. We became good friends but sadly parted ways because she had to move and move..and move..and move finally ending up in England for some way-too-smart-for-common-people-to-understand degree program. We reconnected through facebook and she noticed my postings about this crazy obsession with Pyrex. So what does she do? Start sending me links to things on the UK ebay! Then cryptic messages of…”big things are coming..”

This is the big thing. Compelet with kitty cat card. Inside lay treasures the American world of Pyrex doesn’t know. I will in my next post tell you about the JaJ company who is responsible for UK Pyrex but for now…I just want to share the pictures!

A glass rolling in with cork “stoppers.” They are removable because when rolling our pastry dough-like a pie crust-you can put crushed ice inside. A mark of the JaJ company is a crown above the word Pyrex.

Isn’t that just beautiful? It gave me goosebumps. It still does, sitting in my shelf now with the rest of its American cousins.

The top dish is another JaJ Pyrex dish, which Jess put a note in that simply said, “I think this dish is HIDEOUS. Enjoy.” I feel that with its decorations it should be used for some kind of vegetable dip…but I digress. The bottom dish however is American Pyrex and the larger counter-part to a smaller one I bought over the summer.
Next up…the Slice N’ Tender…made in Germany!

Now you have to know…this sucker is not only sharp but has no glass in it. I’m still trying to learn what makes it “Pyrex” other than being produced by the JaJ company. None the less, I love it. How many other meat tenderisers are such a cool orange color?
And lastly…the mixer!

SO COOOOOL! There is no mention of Pyrex or JaJ on but you may have noticed that the JaJ company puts marks around the word Pyrex. It will always appear like this, ‘Pyrex’ or with the crown. Here is a better look…

It was such an amazing surprise from across the ocean. I can’t express to Jess or her lovely wife Jenny (who mailed the box, according to the customs paper) how much it means to me. I cannot wait until they move stateside and we can go to thrift stores and flea markets together. I’ll find a way to repay her.
Come back in a few days for some fun information about the JaJ company!



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2 responses to “International Pyrex Day

  1. Linda Leslie

    This is a great story of a friend from your youth. I hope everyone has a friend from that era of their lives. The pyrex is beautiful and it came all the way from England without breaking!! Amazing!!

    • I’m so thankful to still have Jess as a friend and cannot wait until she moves back to the states. I’m amazed none of it broke…but then again, I think every packing peanut in England was in that box!

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