Oh, Leigh…what do you have?

You never know where or when you’re going to find something exciting. Sure, you can walk into a thrift store, church shop, or antique store and see something you weren’t expecting but really…none of those compare to what happened last weekend.
It started with Joe offering to drive his friend Ryan to an interview in Boston for an internship. Ryan was coming early to surprise their friend Leigh and when we pulled up to her apartment we tried calling her to come outside…It didn’t work. So we all op’ed to go inside (despite her earlier warning that the place was a mess and probably not the best place to bring in the baby) for a quick minute. She was so happy to see Ryan and to finally meet Niko but admitted that Joe had spoiled the surprise the day before. No one told him it was a surprise, in his defense. We all walked in to the kitchen and my eyes instantly went to the sink.
What was sitting in there, soaking in some bubbles? A blue New Dot Pyrex bowl. WHAT. I looked at Leigh and simply said, “Leigh, I’ll give you 15 dollars for that bowl.” Joe then noticed what I was looking at and seemed as dumbstruck by it as I was.
She looked at me like I was crazy.
“That bowl is super hard to find. I’ll pay you 15 for it.”
“Um…okay? Is it something special?”
Joe answered simply, “Its Pyrex.”
She then told me to just take it, washing off the bubbles and drying it slightly. Then, as we were about to leave Joe goes, “Look. Rainbow stripe.” And I look down-its being used as a cat dish. A CAT DISH, PEOPLE!
“Leigh! Why do you have all these expensive and hard to find dishes?!”
After a minute of thinking she said, “Take both but buy my ice cream.”
She washed out the cat water and handed it to me as well. I don’t think I was breathing really…The New Dot alone goes for upwards of 45 dollars on Ebay. The New Dot pattern is one of the hardest and most expensive to collect. It was produced in 1967 and comes in blue, orange, yellow, and green (green being the hardest to find). A whole set could set you back upwards of 100-125 dollars. Yikes, right! You can see why I was drooling all over the floor for this…
The Rainbow Stripe bowls were introduced in 1965 and come in pink, blue, yellow, and tan. The little tan bowl that now lives on my shelf fetches about 15-20 dollars on ebay but if you found it in an antique store you’d probably end up paying closer to 25 even for the 1.5 qt bowl.

The first person I thought to tell about the bowls was Kim. I knew she’d know what was up and what a big deal it to have found them and in such amazing shape. She and her husband came over for lunch last week…but that post is coming soon!
I’ll end this by saying a big thank you to Leigh. Sorry if we came across as crazy for raiding your house of dishes, I swear we didn’t mean to 😉



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7 responses to “Oh, Leigh…what do you have?

  1. Linda Leslie

    What a great story”!!! I love stories like this when something or someone is found by chance. Sounds like you are feeling better.


  2. Kim, of course!

    And I’ll say it again, AWESOME FIND! I especially LOVE the dots and can only hope to be as lucky someday… well maybe “to be AS lucky” isn’t possible in this case.

  3. Awesome! You gotta tell me more about thses hard-to-find things, if you want me to scout for you…I had no idea about the stripes and dots!

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