With Love From Kim

If I had the time to sit here and write a real Ode to my friend Kim I would. But I don’t, sadly and probably lack the skill to write a decent one. Either way, I love the girl. She understands the madness that I (and lets face it, every Pyrex collector) feels-the thrill of the hunt, the sorrow when finding a piece someone didn’t take care of, or the anger at an antique shop/thrift store that thinks what they have is the should cost 40 dollars. If I had to find a Pyrex soul-mate, it would be Kim.
Kim, if you’re still reading I promise all the mushy gooshy stuff is over. Maybe. We’ll see.
A few weeks back we had Kim and her husband Roger over for lunch and another Pyrex swap. It was beyond fun and a great chance to get to know Roger-who rocks. Joe made a baked pasta and I had some rolls ready to go and after lunch…well, we got down to it.
It had been so long since our first swap that I couldn’t exactly remember what I had told Kim to grab for me…it turned into a Pyrex Christmas.
First, a decorative lid.

A lid from roughly the 1920s

Then, a separated dish with Verde lid. I love the lid so much and have seen it at the Charlton Flea before but the woman wanted about 12 for just the lid. Too much and I believe what Kim picked it up for was 5, tops.

Next is another separated dish-this one blue with the Snowflake pattern on the top. This is a little throw back to the first thing we bought from Kim-snowflake refrigerator dishes. For this pattern we now have the separated dish, refrigerator dishes and a butter dish-we’re clearly ready for next winter!

Then there is the one I am calling “Big Boy.” though the pattern does have a real name. I hadn’t realized when I saw the picture she sent me from Savers how large this dish was. But, I have resolved that it is clearly to be used for roasting chickens. Which I may be doing some time this week! I forgot to take a picture of this dish but the pattern on it is Golden Scroll. Lovely for fall or spring cooking I believe!

Next I unwrapped a large yellow refrigerator dish

Followed by something I do already have one of but since they seem so hard to find I wouldn’t turn it away: a Butterfly Gold creamer!

As Kim and Roger were getting ready to leave she mentions the mac and cheese she had brought in a Pink Gooseberry dish. She mentions that it is a gift! Now, I have a secret love for Gooseberry. It’s so playful and light but can cost an arm and both legs. I do have one other piece in the pattern-a black and white Cinderella dish. I also know that Kim loves the pattern so for her to give this to me was huge. I cannot ever repay her for how much I love this gift.

It was an amazing afternoon and one I hope to soon repeat though I know she is busy with school and work. I know that my posts have been far and few between lately but I swear its for good reason. The weather has been up and down so on the up days we’re outside- something the active toddler in my life loves. On the down days I’m baking corn muffins…which, when the rain comes this afternoon I’ll be doing again.

Recipe coming soon!



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2 responses to “With Love From Kim

  1. Linda Leslie

    I love the pictures… such good color!!! Your description of your lunch with Kim and Roger is great. It’s good to have other couples for friends. Have a wonderful day!! I have gotten lots of giggles on the story about Niko and his climb into the tub!! What a kid!! Love you bunches

  2. Nice post!
    There was a giant Cinderella bowl in Snowflake Blue at the antique store…she wanted $40…
    I left it there.

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