A Little Bluegrass, please…

I’ve had bluegrass and country on the brain as of late thanks to the Hunger Games soundtrack (its awesome, go buy it) and it has seemingly found its way into my Pyrex finding.

How is this possible, you ask? Well, teacups my dear!



These beautiful little cups ran us about 3 dollars total. A steal for sure. This pattern is called Flirtation and was introduced in 1981 then discontinued in 1983 and because they were only produced for a few years are considered a rare piece to find. BIGGER SCORE! I found this set-a set of four-on Amazon for $20.00 plus shipping. I think I win.

Summer Impressions


We have one other piece in this pattern and I was soooooooo happy to find it in something other than the sugar bowl we already have. More teacups! Or coffee, depending on how you like your warm drinks. But since I’ve been in such a bluegrass kinda mind lets say tea. There is another version of this pattern which is normally found in blue flowers arranged in the center of the cups. I could not find this exact pattern on ebay to figure out my how decent a deal they were…we paid about 3.99 for these cups.

Lastly, we found some goodies that have nothing to do with my current frame of mind but are just so cool…Ready? are you sure? well…all right then…

All right…I’ll cop to not having my Pyrex book handy while writing this. I plan to update this post when I get home (currently, I’m visiting my parents with the little man) But its pretty clear what these guys are. Oil, vinegar and two other small liquid holding glasses. Or, salt and pepper if you’re careful with them.

As I said…I’ll write more when I am back home with my Pyrex Bible. Until next time!



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2 responses to “A Little Bluegrass, please…

  1. Linda Leslie

    Glad you went over there and had fun. The teacups are beautiful!!

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