Wayside Score!

Well, I found some fun things the other day while we were out killing time. After months of not going near a real “Antique Store,” we stopped in to one of our favorites-WaySide Antiques in West Boylston. An elderly woman there is always happy to see us greeting us with, “hey its the Pyrex people!”
Normally we don’t pick anything up until we’ve done whole round of the store but today was different. The stars lined up, Hell had a frost, and a Red Sox actually won a game (sorry guys…you’ve been pretty bad so far). We picked up a bowl. From a 300 bowl set. In the pattern of…Horizon Blue!

How lovely! I was elated. The other day I was browsing through patterns on Pintrest and stopped on Horizon Blue and said, “Oh I wish I had a piece in that!” And then what shall appear?! This bowl. Beautifully priced at 12 dollars. Now, if I had found this at SAVERS for the same price I would have jumped on it there too. It is more than I would normally pay for a bowl but since it isn’t a pattern I come across often I couldn’t let it go. The booth it was in never has any sales, either.
Sales. That brings me to my next little piece! She was half off..

Old Town Blue! Yes, we do already have this dish..but she was only 2.25! We plan to resell this little beauty for around 7 dollars when we set up at a flea market this summer…or maybe I’ll just have a Pyrex yard sale. Okay! Next pieces..Yes, pieces.

Salt and Pepper shakers!!! They were marked as Corelle and the tops were taped on…so we had no choice but to believe they were in fact Corelle. Which isn’t a problem because I adore Butterfly Gold so much that I just wanted them so badly. They were 4 dollars for both. A perfect bargain for such sweet shakers. Upon getting them home and removing the tape we didn’t find the word Corelle…but Pyrex on the top of the shaker stopper! AHHHH! How exciting! I couldn’t wait to share my finds with everyone.
Brimfeild is just around the corner, folks…I hope you’re ready for some epic updates!



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8 responses to “Wayside Score!

  1. I know those salt & pepper shakers from when I was a little girl! I’m pretty sure they are at my grams. Now I wonder if she still has them. Aw, hell. I know she does. Woman is a pack rat! 🙂

  2. Linda Leslie

    Nice post, Sarah. I love the new bowl!!

  3. That bowl is beautiful! Never seen the pattern before, but I’ll keep my eyes open now!

  4. Ben

    Very interesting blog. Do you know much about Pyrex labware? I found an old reagent jar at Goodwill and am wondering how old it is. It’s about 2 gallons and has the following embossed on the bottom:
    R (in a circle)
    MADE IN U.S.A.

    Thanks for any help,

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