May The Fourth Be With You

As many of you may be aware May fourth is International Star Wars day and you may also be aware that (if you have followed this blog for any amount of time) my husband and I love to entertain and host parties for silly “holidays.” So when May fourth rolled around this year I told Joe we had to have a party for all of our Star Wars loving friends. First, we notified guests that it would be a cook out but as the day drew nearer the rain moved in…so we moved the party inside. We needed a menu…a Star Wars themed menu.

I like to think I’m clever…please agree.
For our Jar Jar Drumsticks we picked up some value packs of chicken drumsticks and bathed them in our favorite homemade sauces. Mine, a sweet apple sauce based bbq and Joe’s Moxie bbq sauce-we set aside some plain ones just done in olive oil and some seasoning in case anyone wasn’t feeling adventurous. This is where the Pyrex comes in! Joe had the utterly brilliant idea to slow cook the chicken all afternoon (roughly 5 hours at 250) and let me tell you…it paid off.

In the large Butterfly Gold dish we have my sweet Jar-Jar Drumsticks! In Pressed Flower dish we have Joe’s Moxie Jar Jars and in the last dish-Mod Kitchen pattern-we have our plain ones.
How many Pyrex pieces can you count in that one picture?
Lastly, I made some Bantha Milk which is what is widely accepted as the blue milk that Luke Skywalker drinks in episode 4.

And of course, I put it in my Old Town Blue pitcher.
The party was a pretty big hit and the drumsticks were amazing. I wish I had gotten a picture of Jil’s Wookie Cookies but things just got away from us.
Again I apologize for the lack of posting. It’s just the times, I suppose. I do love my blog and my readers and I find that I still get a lot of hits on the day-to-day from people looking for information on baby bottles and patterns! Thank you for keeping up with me!



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2 responses to “May The Fourth Be With You

  1. Linda Leslie

    Your party sounds great. I’ll bet everyone had a blast. I like the way you told us how you used the pyrex. Keep up the fun, your friends will remember in years to come, that they had fun at your house!!

  2. Love it! Keep up the good work!

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