A Little Glass Pot

This is not the Brimfield post, let us start out by getting that out of the way. That will come soon as my arms and back stop throbbing-I learned that hauling TWO toddlers around all day is much harder than just one.
But I digress…The other day we stopped in to SAVERS to look for a lunch box to bring to the flea market. We spotted a few dishes-a Spring Blossom Cinderella bowl, pie dish, and then a washed out Amish Butterprint bowl. Then Joe found something we didn’t expect. Something I hadn’t seen in the wild.

Now, I know some of you are thinking “why is this so special?” Well! Pyrex only made glass pots under the Pyrex name for a few years before the changed to just Vision wear! Vision wear can be easily spotted by the tan (almost brownish)  color of the glass. This is so exciting for me because it is my first glass pot EVER and to find it under the Pyrex name is just the bees knees.  I’ve had an idea for a new barbeque sauce that I believe I’ll break this little pot in with!

Also, while wandering Savers I saw two young men walking around examining the prices of items of the shelf. When I heard one say, “Why isn’t this being sold as a set? What is going on here?” I stepped up ask them if they were here to get the price hikes under control. One of them answered yes and I told him how we had stopped going for nearly a month because of the obscenely high prices. He said they are reworking the way they price items and are hoping to have the “problem” fixed soon.

Small victory in the hunt for Pyrex and the war on high thrift store prices!





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2 responses to “A Little Glass Pot

  1. Linda Leslie

    Good for you, Sarah!! I’d like to hear more about the flea market adventure!!

  2. Cute pot!
    Hope those Saver’s guys get a handle on things!

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