Three times a year Christmas comes for flea market goers on the east coast. It takes over the small town of Brimfield, MA and overflows with splendor…As long as you can make it through this traffic

This year was different than last for a few reasons. First was that we had a narrowed our search from years passed. In Joe’s case he had promised to be more selective with the Moxie bottles he would buy and for me, I would look for promotional pieces of Pyrex. Last year, I was focused on collecting Butterfly Gold, Spring Blossom and Friendship patterns. I still love all three of them..but I wanted a bigger challenge if you know what I mean. Second is that we had TWO toddlers this year-my son and my niece. This presented its own host of “problems,” like potty breaks for Chloe, making sure they weren’t kicking each other in the wagon, finding a good place to change a diaper and an earlier than usual lunch break.
It was nearly noon by the time we got parked, had a bathroom break and finally started moving towards the stalls. I’ll give this disclaimer…I did not take nearly as many pictures as I meant to. There was a wagon to be pulled!

"Auntie Sarah, my eyes are open now!"
The first few stalls we wandered through didn’t have much of anything that either of us were looking for. I did find a Chip and Dip set in the Balloon pattern but the smaller bowl-the dip bowl-had been run through a dishwasher and had lost its beautiful gloss finish. Joe found something I wish upon wish upon wish we had gone back for…A complete dinner set. Cups, salad plates, bowls, and a platter! The guy was asking 25 and I asked for 20 but he refused. Sometimes being stubborn on prices kills a dream for two people. As much as I wish I had gone back for it though I am a little glad we didn’t…how would we have carried it through the market? Where would I have put it at home?

A lot over and a few tents down I met a wonderful woman named Linda who had mass amounts of plain glass Pyrex…and percolators. Lots of them. That is where I picked up this not-so-little beauty!

See last photo for full view
A Silex/Pyrex coffee maker! These were produced in the 1940s and feature a cloth filter and chain dangle through the top tube. It reminds me of a coffee barometer. According to the Pyrex collectors book they retail for 100-125 dollars…I paid 20. Score? I think so.
After a break for lunch we lost Joe. He went hunting for his favorite vendor-a pretty well known Moxie collector who has been scaling back his collection lately. After a lot of confusion as to which lot he was actually in we all met up again…but by that time we needed to head back to the cars. Both children were falling asleep sitting up and beginning to show signs of, “if I don’t get to sleep soon I’m going to throw the other kid outta the wagon.”
We said our goodbyes to my mom, brother and niece and started to leave. Because my husband is so observant he could tell I was pretty upset that we had spent our last few hours at the show simply trying to find him and not getting to look for antiques (both mom and James got a stiffed a little). He told me, “I found you presents…” So I started to unwrap newspaper covered dishes and thought, “well damn it, I can’t be mad anymore.”

Butterfly Gold napkin rings. Now I have pretty much an entire table setting in this pattern and plan to use them in the coming months.

This mug was used as an advertisement piece for a restaurant. Pyrex didn’t advertise much after these promotional pieces came out and I do not have a date for when they were put out to help. I do love this mug though!

And then…there is this. I could punch Joe I love this so much…I say punch because I was still a little mad at him when I opened it. This is called Spirograph and was put out some time in the 70s as a promotional piece. It had a 20 dollar sticker on it but Joe told me he asked for 15 and the woman took it. After doing a little poking on ebay we found one that was going for 120 dollars. Second score? Heck yeah.
We are looking forward to the July show and are thinking, since my mom doesn’t plan to come, we may find a baby sitter for Niko for the day so that we can cover more ground and he doesn’t have to get cranky in the wagon all day. But, that is still up in the air. Kim should (and by should I mean better) be coming with us. Of course, our funds for the July show may be cut down if we can actually pull off this house deal…all those funds would go to home repairs.
Though…mom did have an awesome idea about finding new door knobs at Brimfield.




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10 responses to “Brimfield

  1. Kim, of course!

    Looks like fun! Great finds!

    I WANT the Ponderosa mug!!!!! We’ll find one in July. Ponderosa was my first job, it was horrible of course.

    • I’m so glad I kept it a surprise for the blog! Where was it?? I have never heard of it before!

      • Kim, of course!

        Ponderosa was a chain that went into serious decline in the late 90s. The one I worked at was in Chicopee but there was one in W Springfield, too. If you go south, you can still visit one. Pretty much a salad/hot bar, all you can eat, and then steak main entree.

      • that’s cool…sounds like an old Ruby Tuesdays to me. If I ever dare to venture south again I’ll find one 😀

  2. Nice post! You took more pictures than I did…

  3. Linda Leslie

    Great blog, Sarah!! Sounds like great fun and lots of good finds. Does Kim have pictures of the kids? If so, would she share? I love the one that you put up. I pulled it off already. You were brave to go with the two kids. LYB.

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