Mothers Day

This past Sunday was my second Mothers Day and to say it was great would be an understatement. We started out the day by having a Dunkin Donuts breakfast and I got to try their new Men In Black coffee…okay its not called Men in Black Coffee but it is promoting the film. After that we headed out to look for yard sales on our way to an Antique shop Joe had seen was having a sale. We learned that people in Grafton, MA do not believe in yard sales! There were none! Not even signs for ones the day before. After a quick look at Craigslist we realized that no one for two towns was having any sort of yard sale. This, my friends, is sad. Why wouldn’t someone have a yard sale on such a beautiful day? Mothers day? Oi, what better way to spend the day…But I digress…
We finally made it to the shop in Grafton called North Main Antiques and began to look around. At first it didn’t seem like we would find much of anything. The woman was nice and didn’t give us the, “oh, they’re young and probably are just here to steal,” look which is always a good way to start a visit. When we worked our way back to the last room we started to find a few things.
First was a Gooseberry refrigerator dish…but the dealer wanted 12 dollars for the one dish. Sorry, Kimmers. Next, though, we found mugs!

There was something about the smooth sides and muted green that I just fell head over heals for.  They were two dollars each, which I felt fine with paying (this was also some left over Brimfield money). Then I found something non-Pyrex but that I absolutely loved.

I love all things old kitchen, really…mostly from the 50s and 60s so you can probably guess why I wanted this refrigerator manual. Yes, I framed it. Yes, it is on my wall. Yes, I’m that guy. Deal. My husband does.
On our way back into town we found a yard sale-which is good because we were beginning to think they had gone extinct for the weekend. It seemed to be a moving sale because part of it was “inside” a mostly empty house. We found something, of course

A beverage server! With what I would call a Christmas type design on the glass…maybe I’ll put some eggnog in it for this years Craigslist Christmas party. Even though it does have a warming candle under it cold drinks can still be put in it…just don’t light the candle.
All in all, it was an amazing Mothers Day. When we got home the boys all slept and I had time to clean up at my own pace and get the chicken slow cooking for dinner.

My not-so-little-guy

I couldn’t have dreamt of a better day.




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2 responses to “Mothers Day

  1. Your finds are cool, but that Little Face is best of all!

  2. Linda Leslie

    I agree with your mom. I enjoyed reading it.

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