Shepards Pie

So…it’s been a while, I know. Life gets in the way of blogging some times (actually most of the time) but my Pyrexing hasn’t stopped. We’ve found a few new pieces that I will eventually get around to sharing and as always, we’re using our dishes on a daily basis. Which brings me to todays recipe.
It has been raining a lot lately and what goes better with rain that comfort food? Answer: nothing. Joe wanted Shepard’s Pie so I thought hey why not and he said, “we’ll actually take pictures this time so we can use it as a post and your readers won’t think you gave up.” Good idea, husband.
First he had sliced some potatoes, cooked and mashed them up with heavy cream. Since we didn’t use Pyrex for this there are no pictures…Same goes for the gravy. Let me tell you about the gravy that he makes…It is probably the best home-made gravy I’ve ever had. No offense to the gravy that my stepfather makes on holidays but I just love Joes. Also, since Joe doesn’t eat meat we use Morning Star fake ground beef for this. Simply cook it up with whatever  flavorings you’d like until warm through.
As for what we used the Pyrex for…

Cream corn to begin with! Cream corn is not my favorite…I love corn, but not with the added thickness just seems weird.

Layer 1: gravy

Layer 2: ground beef

Layer 3: corn

Layer 4: mashed potatoes

Layer 5: more gravy
Bake at 350 until the mashed potatoes get a good crust on them…If you do gravy on top you probably won’t get that crust. I think we had ours in roughly 15 minutes.

The finished product was just what we all needed on a rainy night. I used the Butterfly Gold large casserole dish for this because I needed a little summer for the day.
Hope to write again soon!



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2 responses to “Shepards Pie

  1. Nice…I hpe we get some summer soon, but until then, this sounds like a good idea!

  2. Olivia Rogers

    I never knew how to make Shepherd’s Pie before. Thanks!! LYB GG

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